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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

First Lady or First Hypocrite? Rosary wearing Jill's Medicine Show!

Jill Biden is in Kenya promoting contraception. Liberals don't want babies at all, but especially not more black babies. Remember when Ruth Bader Ginsberg said she had concerns "about population growth and particularly growth in populations we don’t want to have too many of." Wonder whom she meant? Consider that black women are aborted at a much higher rate than white women and that Planned Parenthood is overrepresented in minority areas. Somehow, I don't think Ginsburg was talking about getting rid of the babies of the residents on Martha's Vineyard and other pricey neighborhoods populated by the elites. Nope, gotta get those welfare babies whom liberals always assume will grow up to be criminals. Kill 'em early and often!
And then there's Jill's choice of a "necklace."

First of all, the rosary is not a piece of jewelry. But let's face it, Jill Biden didn't wear the rosary as jewelry. Like a Bible toting Bill Clinton and a rosary carrying Joe Biden, Jill is playing the "I'm a praying Catholic" fraud game. Kenya is a Christian nation. About 33% of the population are Catholic. to fool those backwards believers?

Ever notice all the religious statues in a palm reader's window? We used to live close to Route 1 in Alexandria and I passed a fortune teller's house on my carpool route to Bishop Ireton. She had statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary prominently displayed in the window next to a flashing OPEN sign. Why? I think the answer is easy to figure out.

Pray an exorcism prayer for Jill Biden today. Wearing the rosary while you tell a heavily Catholic Christian country not to have children -- to deny the greatest gift given to human beings, i.e., to participate in God's creation -- that, friends, is blasphemy. These pro-abortion, pro-contraception self-identifying "devout Catholics" routinely violate the first three Commandments. Many so called contraceptives are abortifacient, but even if they aren't deliberately making the marital act sterile is a serious sin! It throws God's gift in His face! 

What a mockery of God! May Jesus, who died for all these faux Catholics who lie and lie and lie, have mercy for "They know not what they do!" But one day, if they don't repent, they will find out and pay the price!


P. O'Brien said...

Jill is committing the sin against the Holy Spirit, implying that Our Lord endorses the works of evil.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Who wears a Rosary as a necklace? Never seen this before.

Anonymous said...

For a blog who at times sounds so self-righteous, you should go to confession, after all you refer to anti-pope Bergoglio aka known as fake "pope" Francis as the pope which he is not never was never will be. Conservative "c"atholics who try to imply that they are so "inclusive" by what they write about themselves often are some of the most proud boastful blogs around . Try humbling yourselves and stop trying to show "subltely" and really not so subtlety how all inclusive and "nice" you are, and how how loving and charitable you are, by your "good" works which by the way is sinful as it is boasting in a a not so subtle way as is your your divisive insulting presumption implying again using your blog to do so, that anyone who wears a Rosary around their neck, as a "necklace" is like Jill Biden, or anyone who carries a Rosary in their hands is like Biden, and worse yet, anyone who displays Religious statues of the Jesus Sacred Heart or any beautiful Catholic statues is involved with satanic occult is insulting and divisive. We have our home beautifully decorated with Jesus Mary devotions because we love Jesus and Mary and because we are not ashamed to show people where our hearts are. Not in vain things. Got to Confession

Lover of the Truth only said...

You are insulting. Go to Confession for insulting good Catholics who by the way, are not like Jill Biden, nor are in any way occultists as your wrongly and divisively imply, who happen to wear their Rosaries or hold them or have religious statues in their homes because they love Jesus and Mary and are not ashamed to show they love being Catholic and all things truly Catholic. so called conservative catholics are amongst the most fake "nice people there are and who use their blogs often to try to make themselves out to be so "good" by what they write

Susan Matthiesen said...

First of all "Anonymous" and "Lover of the truth only" - who by their style of writing seem to be the same person - punctuation exists for a reason, as evidenced by your posts.

Secondly, you miss the mark of Mary Ann's statement about the palm reader with religious statues in the window. A palm reader IS involved in the occult.

Third - I have many statues and icons in my home, but none of them are in a WINDOW.

Fourth - You state that Mary Ann is "insulting" while you verbally insult her! Talk about projection!

Cynthia said...

Having worked among Latino people, I have seen the Rosary worn around the neck, along with the brown scapular,not in a disrespectful nor sacrilegious manner. I do believe that historically it has been worn in certain areas of the world as well. I found a ewtn article that addresses the issue.

Nonetheless, that is a different situation than that spoken of regarding Jill Babykiller Biden. Just like Margaret Sanger, Bill Gates’ father, and the rest of the eugenicists, the elites want to rid the world of unwanted eaters, or make us eat bugs­čśĆ.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I've seen that too, Cynthia. I admire the piety of all those who treat sacramentals with devotion and respect rather than to use them as props to fool people.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Ginsburg wanted too many white Christians being born, either.