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Monday, February 6, 2023

Monday Morning Meltdown!

Chandelier from Phantom of the Opera

I'm having a Monday morning meltdown! Not that I'm upset, I'm just feeling a little all over the place. Yesterday my daughter reminded me of a trip we took to the Kennedy Center for her 24th birthday to see Phantom of the Opera

One Problem!

I have absolutely no memory of it, neither does my husband, but I'm a musical buff. I can't believe I could forget such an event. Really? Could I forget the chandelier falling? Could I forget the phantom kidnapping Christine and taking her to his underground lair? 

WOW! I really am old!

I remember going to see Mame with Angela Lansbury and Hello Dolly with Pearl Bailey and  Cab Calloway in New York City on our honeymoon. I remember every show I've ever seen that my actress sister was in whether on Broadway, off Broadway, or in dinner theaters. (My favorite was Annie Get Your Gun.) I remember seeing my brother-in-law on Broadway in CATS. I remember the puppet shows at Wolf Trap's theatre in the woods that I took the kids to see. So how could I forget Phantom of the Opera?

I argued a bit, but ultimately decided that I trust my daughter's memory more than mine. So I feel like am having an episode of cognitive dissonance. Yikes! Is this the first indication of Alzheimers? Have I "lost a few of my marbles" (or more than a few)? Am I turning into the "dullest knife in the drawer?" (Can I remember any more memorable metaphors?)

Hey, I've forgotten lots of things that I used to remember like the names of all my teachers from Kindergarten through High School and all my nine siblings' full birth dates. I remember very little about my early childhood, but nothing ever bothered me so much as not being able to remember taking our daughter to Phantom of the Opera. Good grief, I remember taking her out to dinner on her 21st birthday and not being able to buy her a drink because she forgot her I.D.

Oh well. I decided that this is one more opportunity to practice humility. I should have given in earlier instead of arguing. It stands to reason that I'm ready to be "put on the shelf" with all the other folks who are "over the hill." 

Not only that, but I've always been absent minded. One birthday I thought I was a year older than I was, and my sister said, "You can't be that old because I'm a year and half younger than you are and I'm not that old." I think it was the year I turned 36. So I guess I shouldn't worry too much, just laugh. 

As they say, "Don't sweat the small stuff." So today I'm praying for more humiliations so I can grow more in humility. On the other hand I better watch out what I pray for. One time when I was praying for humility I got a spoon jammed in the garbage disposal and backed into the fence along our driveway. 

Think I'll "leave well enough alone" and praise God that I'm still "alive and kicking."

And I guess I'll have to make plans to go see Phantom of the Opera!


  1. One year I thought I was a year older too. As a result I was 54 two years in a row...totally skipped being 53. And this year I bought my granddaughter a nice gift and wrote on her card "Happy 21st birthday!!" She was 20. I told her to keep the card for next year.

    As for forgetting things - we used to say (to ourselves) in the horse business when some person tried to impress others with their knowledge of horses..."I've forgotten more than they'll ever even know." Think that applies to your not remembering the Phantom of the Opera outing. There's not a thing wrong with your memory. I'm always astounded at the knowledge you post daily and I can honestly say you've forgotten more than I'll ever even know. What is your IQ anyway? Must be upper genius level. Possibly your daughter is not correct?

  2. You're funny, Susan. I'd like to know if there's a humility test. I'm afraid I wouldn't score very high on that and that's what's really necessary for anyone to be wise.

    As for IQ, no idea. I think they did an IQ test in grade school though. But whenever I see anyone bragging about being a member of Mensa, I don't listen to them. Some of the smartest people with the highest IQs have given us the worst horrors in history. God save us from brilliant, godless people.