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Monday, February 20, 2023

Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide, and Murder: The Diabolical Trinity!

From the 1978 movie, Coma, based on Robin Cook's 1977 novel of the same name.

Get ready for a real life horror story. 

But first, let me say that anyone who's not sleeping at the switch knows that euthanasia and assisted suicide are expanding  at an alarming rate. Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Belgium have been murder capitols for years and now Canada has joined the killing spree and is considering taking it a step further - to kill "mature minors" without parental consent. (One presumes the parents will be called after death to remove the body and pay for the funeral.)

In the U.S., Vermont is on the cusp of becoming a death tourism state. They passed a bill out of the legislative committee about a week ago (unanimously) that would lift the requirement to be a resident of Vermont to receive "medically assisted suicide." At present, eight states in the U.S. allow assisted suicide, but only one other, Oregon, doesn't limit the death peddlers to in-state residents. Think about that. Patients who never saw the doctor before will be given the green light to kill themselves by someone who has almost no, non, nada, nein experience of their medical history or their mental and emotional well-being. "But, hey, no problem, I really care! Just hand me your credit card, and I'll give you the deadly cocktail!"  Dr. Jack Kevorkian, "Dr. Death," was a man ahead of his time. 

The assisted suicide proponents talk about personal autonomy, but the fact is that none of us really owns ourselves. We belong to God. "He made us; His we are."

How horrifying to think of the likely eternal end of someone who, with full knowledge and consent of the will commits self murder with the help of a man who is supposed to be committed to "doing no harm" to his patients. The suffering the patients experienced here is nothing compared to the fires of hell that likely await them and their "doctors" if they don't repent.

But now for the horror story.

Many who think assisted suicide is a-okay need to look at the bigger picture. Let me share it with them. This is from the Epoch Times about a college student who had everything to live for and had his life taken from him. Why? You'll see:

Hu Xinyu went missing whilst on his university campus on Oct. 14, 2022. The police were unable to find him in any surveillance footage taken from inside and outside the school and could not find any clues in relation to his departure from the campus. By late-November 2022, a joint working team was set up to start investigating the matter.

On the 106th day of his disappearance, on Jan. 28, 2023, local villagers found a body believed to be Hu Xinyu on Jinji Mountain, near Hu’s School. DNA testing by the public security bureau later confirmed it was indeed Hu.

It turns out Hu was killed on the same day he disappeared, and his organs were then sent to Shanghai to be used for transplantation, for which the recipients paid hundreds of millions.

Reports are now alleging officials from Jiangxi are pushing Hu’s parents to accept that their son’s death was as a result of “suicide.”

If such callous disregard for human life cannot be stopped, such crimes will become even more prevalent and unscrupulous. No child of the common people will be safe. [Read the entire article, Are We Babes in the Woods to the Unimaginable Evil of the CCP?]

Murdering someone to steal his organs sounds like the plot of a novel. Wait a minute -- it was... Robin Cook's 1977 novel, Coma. Only it's not a fictional plot any more. The Chinese Communist Party's attack on the Falun Gong movement has exposed the common practice of forced organ harvesting in China. Among prisoners being murdered for their organs are members of this non-political, non-violent religious movement that stresses truthfulness, benevolence and forbearance.

My husband and I recently went to the popular Shen Yun show at the Kennedy Center about the culture of China before Communism. It's breathtakingly beautiful, but also sobering. While most of the vignettes showed ancient Chinese culture in dance and song, one depicted the practitioners of Falun Gong being arrested. A family: mother, father, and teenage daughter, are in the park with a banner depicting some of their beliefs when a Communist official has them all arrested. You see the daughter taken and a doctor comes on stage carrying a box with an anatomical picture of the heart on it. The parents are released later and we see them in the park mourning the death of their daughter. I wonder how many in the audience realize it wasn't just a dramatic story, that it's really happening! 

A former Chinese deputy cultural minister, Gao Zhanxian, recently died of COVID. The 87-year-old was described by the deputy secretary general of the CCP's top political advisory body saying, "I never imagined he would leave us so soon....[He] replaced many organs in his body [as he] tenaciously fought with illness.... [He once joked that] "many components are not his own anymore." 

Whose exactly were they? And how did he get them? China keeps extensive files on the DNA of its citizens. Better not be a match a high Communist official!

Think about all this for a minute. How many people have your medical information? Do you really think the governments HIPPA regulations protect your privacy? How many ads pop up on your phone or Facebook page that indicate they know you are overweight or have high blood pressure, or wear glasses, or have thinning hair and bunions? And think of the DNA testing for ancestry sites. The U.S. has been warning about China's collection of genetic information on millions of U.S. citizens for some time. In a cyber attack on Anthem in 2015, China collected the personal health information on 80 million people. Why? They're up to no good as Gordon Chang wrote in Newsweek

All of these things are part of satan's diabolical conspiracy. Remember, he was a liar and a murderer from the beginning. Please don't sign an organ donation card. It is a multi-million dollar industry that masquerades as philanthropy. Not only that, but you can only use unpaired organs from LIVING DONORS. Brain death was created to make organ harvesting possible. A person doesn't die from brain death, but when medical monsters remove his still beating heart. How many people who could have recovered are killed for their organs? Check out our Brain Death and Medical Murder page on the sidebar. Killing people for their organs isn't just happening in China; it's happening here as well. Don't let it happen to one of your loved ones.