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Friday, February 17, 2023

Canon Lawyer, Fr. Réginald-Marie Rivoire, Eviscerates Traditionis Custodes

Edward Pentin posted a tweet a few days ago about a new book criticizing Traditionis Custodes. Despite the fact that many canon lawyers are saying the same thing as Fr. Rivoire, most bishops have all done the proverbial bootlicking, bending the knee to Francis like he bent the knee to the leaders of the Sudan. 

Here's Pentin's tweet:
In a new book, esteemed canon lawyer Fr. Réginald-Marie Rivoire claims to show that the documents restricting the Traditional Latin Mass “contain numerous errors and lack juridical rationality.” As a result, he says the restrictions are not binding— Edward Pentin (@EdwardPentin) February 13, 2023

Will this latest salvo make the least bit of difference to the bishops? They could join together and challenge the pope and his lackey, Cardinal Roche, and continue the Traditional Latin Mass in their dioceses. Blind obedience to unlawful and, dare I say evil, decrees is no virtue. There's safety in numbers. If even a handful of bishops ignored the document, would the pope throw them all under the bus? Perhaps, but is that a reason not to do the right thing? 

When Peter was fleeing Rome, Jesus appeared to him on the road, heading toward the city. Peter asked, "Quo vadis?" Where are you going? Jesus replied, "I am going to Rome to be crucified again." Peter turned around and went courageously to his own crucifixion.

How many of our spiritual fathers are willing to suffer for us? I shook my head ruefully the other day when I was reading in Butler's Lives of the Saints about two brothers, St. Faustinus and Jovita, who were martyred during the early persecutions. Here's the sentence that made me think, "Some things never change." 

According to the tradition of Brescia, they preached Christianity fearlessly while their bishop lay in hiding.

This Lent would be a good time to do some serious penance for our priests and bishops. Many of them are cowards. Think about your own bishop. Can you imagine him laying down his life for the sheep? Or would he put on sheepskin and hide in the middle of the herd while the wolves ate up the lambs on the outer ring? What would the Good Shepherd say to him and his cowardly brothers? "Ubi es?" Where are you? 

Pray for bishops and priests that they never prove the truth of St. John Chrysostom's warning that, “The road to Hell is paved with the bones of priests and monks, and the skulls of bishops are the lamp posts that light the path.”

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.


  1. I came across an article by e.m. jones on TC because of a recent post by AKA Catholic that "the CIA" is behind VC2 (I was researching the author of the book AKA cites for his information and apparently e.m. has a footnote to this same Fort Bend, Indiana author). In his article e.m. jones gives out the astonishing misinformation: "The Latin Mass was the Latin Mass. If anything, it was, like Baroque art, a response to the Protestant Reformation, and a vehicle of the logos and sacramental grace necessary to do battle in the culture wars of the 16th century...Then as now, however, the real issue was Catholic unity." [why is Anglican/Church of England mass so similar to the TLM if that was not the mass ALREADY in existence, i.e. TLM NOT a response to the reformation; the new 1969 mass changes now correspond to protestant changes to the mass at the time of the reformation.]

    He also claims that B16 issued SP to reopen the Jewish question (even though B16 issued new prayers for the 1962 Missal Good Friday Mass in an attempt to appease the Jews). E.M. Jones never mentions the changes to the new mass prayers that eliminate references to hell, the soul, sin, condemnation, the saints, sacrifice and anything that would offend protestants. Stripped of the Jewish blather, he reminds me of "Dr. Mirus'" position (well-paid by whom creator) of Catholic Culture on the TLM.

    E.M. Jones TLM philosophy was one of the original backers of G.M. Voris. (Randy Engel identifies both w/opus dei.) These OD's want unity w/protestants and all faiths as much as Frances/Masons. Many of them have association w/the CIA, esp the ones here in VA. E.M.Jones ref in this article WFB's association w/the trad movement, and also Hesburgh's tie to Rockefeller re: population control; but doesn't mention WFB (oil mega money from both wife and father) is probably the one who introduced Hesburgh to Rockefeller nor WFB's ties to O.D. According to WFB (in Playboy) population control was his 2nd biggest concern after "ideological communism."
    (part 1 of 2)

  2. (part 2 of 2)

    Jones blames Jesuits/Jews for T.C. but again doesn't tie either group to O.D.

    Nevertheless I agree w/one point in jones' article: caving into pressure from competing interest groups in the diocese is not courage. "Unity, I argued, was an all or nothing proposition...Promoting the Latin Mass as an option is something fundamentally different than instituting it as the universal norm in the Church. This is a fact that proponents of the Latin Mass seem to have missed, and in their zeal for promoting the Latin Mass as the summum bonum, they seem willing to admit principles that undermine both conservatism and the whole notion of Catholicity in Catholic worship. They adopt the tactics of the political pressure group, and then are bewildered to find that the liberal bishop of Richmond is so accommodating. This should come as no mystery. Liberalism or consumerism is the underlying philosophy which allows Bishop Sullivan to accommodate both groups, which want liturgical as well as sexual norms changed more to their liking. Bishop Sullivan opined, “I feel that everyone has the right to worship in an expression that best fulfills their spiritual needs,” which is precisely the attitude which Pope Francis abrogated in Traditionis Custodes."

    B16 lifted the excom on the SSPX bishops, but to my mind it is no different from Frances allowing "bishop tony's" catholic funeral. And what do you all say when he goes to Sweden to celebrate 500 years of Luther w/lady bishops?

    E.M. Jones: "Logos cannot rise effectively until the American Empire Falls …this evil institution has to go" {jesuits/jews/o.d. all seem to be working for the end of the u.s. in addition to the end of the Catholic Church}

  3. How many bishops have warned their people that "Covid" was a hoax--that "Covid deaths" (95%) were the result of denial of effective treatment, denial of FOOD AND WATER, and the administration of Remdesivir and other euthanasia drugs, and ventilators (90% fatality rate). These murders are going on RIGHT NOW in Catholic hospitals as well as secular hospitals. That number is ZERO.

    How many bishops have warned against the genetic bio-weapon shots? ZERO.

    How many bishops have coerced health care workers to take the death shots? All bishops whose dioceses run hospitals or nursing homes.

    How many bishops have coerced priests, seminarians, children in Catholic schools, to take the death shots? Many.

    The people are connecting the dots. The response is making the era of the scandals of Bernard Law, Roger Mahony, Ted McCarrick, etc., etc., look like a membership drive.

    BTW: E.M. Jones has been hostile to the SSPX and the TLM for at least 40 years. He wrote a comment under one of his Bitchute videos mocking those who refer to "the ancient Mass." He said the Mass of Pius V is "only 500 years old" because "it was written by Pius V"!

  4. Re: "E.M. Jones TLM philosophy was one of the original backers of G.M. Voris." February 18, 2023 at 9:59 AM under "canon Lawyer"

    E M Jones published a book titled: "The Man Behind the Curtain: Michael Voris and the Homosexual Vortex" highly critical of Mr Voris.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  5. Richard W Comerford (Part 2):

    Why is O.D. so insistent that VC2 cannot be questioned/overthrown? Why can't the new mass be done away with? I think it goes to inception of O.D. and what O.D. is about: How could a Catholic state that THE CATHOLIC MASS is: "a response to the Protestant Reformation, and a vehicle of the logos and sacramental grace necessary to do battle in the culture wars of the 16th century"? [all these ministries are "church militant" (fighting); culture wars (fighting); culture this and restoring that (and yet they say the CIA is propagandizing us). Opus Dei is contrary to sacrificing priesthood priests and religious (there are no religious in opus dei) also does not seem to have much interest in worshiping God, sacrificing anything material (goods/glory) or getting to heaven. They don't fight the world, the devil and one-self--they take large salaries ("charity"), fight each other and lie and cheat and steal from each other for glory and fame in this life. And they have built the kingdom of hell. And it all comes from Escriva: passionately 'loving' the world.]

    "On this October morning, as we prepare to enter upon the memorial of our Lord’s Pasch, we flatly reject this deformed vision of Christianity. Reflect for a moment on the setting of our Eucharist, of our act of thanksgiving. We find ourselves in a unique temple. We might say that the nave is the university campus; the altarpiece, the university library. Over there, the machinery for constructing new buildings; above us, the sky of Navarra….[There is always an ellipse here - probably because what comes after is heretical--what's the altar? what's the sanctuary?]

    Surely this confirms in your minds, in a tangible and unforgettable way, the fact that everyday life is the true setting for your lives as Christians. Your ordinary contact with God takes place where your fellow men, your yearnings, your work and your affections are. There you have your daily encounter with Christ. It is in the midst of the most material things of the earth that we must sanctify ourselves, serving God and all mankind."