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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

So, Did You Watch Biden's State of the Union Lie Fest?

Two thumbs up to the New York Post for so clearly exposing Joe and the Democrats as the liars they are!


ChicoMono said...

Biden is a liar, yes, but even this debunking has its own embedded lies. Biden is right that Americans pay many MULTIPLES more for prescription drugs than people in other first world countries. The lie is that he intends to change that. But the debunking is also a lie, implying that the high prices are due to innovation and America getting early access to innovative treatments. No, that's not it. It's that both political parties act like wholly owned subsidiaries of Pfizer, and almost always take the pharmaceutical industry's side AGAINST the interests of the people.

Case in point, the government worked aggressively (and expensively) to push, promote, purchase, and mandate the Covid vaccines, and BOTH BioNTech AND Moderna set the all time record for biggest year one revenues of ANY corporate product ever launched. It was the first time ever launching a product for both companies, and on their first time out, they BOTH set the all time record, grossing more in one year than color TV, the Toyota Camry, Fedex, the iPhone, etc etc.

We have to be vigilant. There are very very few honest people involved in politics. The Progressive Dems are the worst, but the GOP isn't much better. This banner trying to debunk the fact that Americans are being ripped off by Big Pharma is very revealing about whoever created it. Yes, they are calling Biden out, but no, they do not prioritize the people's interest over pharmaceutical company interests. He who pays the piper calls the tune for Satan's servants.

Carlos said...

Thank you for publishing this.

milton f said...

And you shouldn't either.