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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fr. Mitch Pacwa and Thoughts on Alinsky Organizing

Fr. Mitch had firsthand experience with Alinsky organizing in Chicago and his story illustrates one of the things that went so wrong with the Jesuits who, on the whole, have gone over to the dark side of abandoning God for the world. Just look at their schools!

Catholics need to understand that the disaster in the Church in modern times is rooted at least to some to degree in community organizing, especially in the Church. The lead organizer, as Alinsky pointed out in the forward to Rules for Radicals is the original rebel, Lucifer. The organizers smell of Luciferian sulphur as they rush about promoting their agenda which is all about accruing power to themselves using the people as stooges. Consider the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution. Both put tyrannical and murderous governments in place by using the discontent of the people as the engine to overthrow the monarchies. The poor ended up worse off than ever, but the improvement of their lot was never the primary purpose. Power to the people is the organizer's pretense, but it's really about power to the organizers.

Look at the president, our organizer-in-chief. Is there any evidence that he really wants to hear the people? No. He shoved through his massive spending bill filled with millions of dollars of earmarks (for the unions, the banks, ACORN, etc.) under the pretense it was a "stimulus." He took over the auto industry against the objections of hundreds of economists and millions of Americans, claiming to have broad support. Now he's trying to take over health care with a bill which includes a massive invasion of people's privacy, giving government the right to have access to our bank accounts, medical information, etc. And the attempt to control town hall meetings are classic Alinsky. Fortunately, Americans, themselves are showing some of the revolutionary spirit of 1776 and aren't standing for it.

That the American Church enables this (think Catholic Campaign for Human Development - CCHD, Industrial Areas Foundation - IAF, PICO, GAMALIEL, Catholics United, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, etc.) is part of this sham is horrifying.

Here's what Fr. Pacwa says about his experience in Chicago:

I never forgot the lessons I learned about Alinsky's community organizing. The key to starting an organization was to find an issue that united the people. The issue should be small enough to win a victory, but large enough to matter to the folks. Second, after choosing the issue we had to identify an enemy the community could recognize as the personification of the issue. Usually this was some politician or businessman. Third, an action had to be designed by which the people could attack the enemy and force his or her hand on the issue, thereby giving the folks a victory. That would motivate them to take on bigger and more important issues, while the leaders among the people could emerge. This was a means of bringing power to the people.

In my own diocese VOICE (Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement) is following the blueprint described by Fr. Pacwa. They have identified a few popular issues and are pursuing them with single-minded intensity. They have regular "actions" and make it clear that "the enemy" are politicians who don't support their agenda. At present their "voice" is low key, but one can expect that to change if politicians don't fall in line. One local politician is may already be a target since he won't promise to do what they want. According to The Washington Post:
Corey A. Stewart (R), chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, rejected the group's demand that the county spend upward of $20 million on building and preserving affordable housing.

"I'm not going to commit to that -- absolutely not," said Stewart.... "Instead of focusing on the funding, we have to focus on what the problem is -- which is a surplus of housing on the market" from the epidemic of home foreclosures that have hit Prince William, he said.

In the same article, Fr. Tuck Grinnell, pastor of St. Anthony's in Falls Church made it clear the group will target those who don't jump on the VOICE bandwagon. "From the elected officials' side, they're going to see the birth of an interfaith organization as a huge ally for them if they do the right thing or a huge obstacle if they do the wrong thing."

Read all you can about Alinsky organizing so you'll know when you're being manipulated. Their tactics are like Madison Avenue's. Once you recognize them, they have much less effect. The more of us who are educated and resistent, the more we can be the truth vaccine for our culture.

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