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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

CCHD Eliminates One Rotten Nut; Others Still Funded!

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) eliminated ACORN last year from their funding list. Has the problem been "fixed?" Not hardly. Oversight of grantees is insufficient. Catholic money in California is going to groups that support same-sex marriage. California Catholic has identified at least two grantees promoting the gay agenda.

CCHD was designed to funnell money into "progressive" groups. Traditional Catholic charities, those that performed the corporal works of mercy, were, by definition, ineligible for CCHD grants. Only those that "empowered" the poor were to be funded.

While CCHD claims to be aiming at poverty's roots, it misses the mark. One of the greatest causes of poverty is the breakdown of the family. And yet browsing the CCHD grantees list, you would be hard-pressed to find a single "charity" that helps to strengthen the poor family. As for including the poor in the makeup and decision-making of groups, even that is questionable. VOICE in Virginia is an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation. It is primarily made up of affluent suburban Christians. In Catholic parishes (and presumably protestant churches as well), pastors strong-arm groups to attend the mass meetings and be the "voice" of the people. Among those out front, however, the identifiable voices are two "progressive" priests. It will be interesting to see if VOICE appears on the 2009 list of CCHD grantees. They are already diverting parish money for their liberal lobbying and will likely get their hand in the national till as well.

And here's another article from Big Government. There is a troubling link between "big government" and "big bureacratic Church" represented by the CCHD which has helped many a liberal, pro-abortion, pro-gay politician get elected through the help of ACORN and ACORN-type community organizing groups.

Is CCHD fixable? It's been thirty years and they're still funding groups opposed to Catholic teaching. How much can they be trusted and how long do we give these bureaucrats to get it right?


Anonymous said...

You know the old saying that one bad apple can ruin the rest in the basket. It doesn't go the other way. CCHD is ruined even if there is one good apple in the bunch.

Anonymous said...

Could you use your prestige to contact The Catholic Information Center and Bookstore (the CIC) in
downtown D.C. and ask them to cancel the Cokie and Steve RObert's book signing that is to be held this Thursday, Feb. 18.
Their Pro-Abortion, anti Popecomments and their ridicule of the Catholic pro-life movement make their appearence at the CIC an outrage. I do not think Father Arnie understands what this couple is about.