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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fr. Gerry Creedon Trivializes Murder of the Innocent as a "Narrow Beginning of Life Question"


Fr. Gerry Creedon is the pastor of St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Arlington, VA. He is a champion of liberal politics, a personal friend of the Kennedy's who participated in the scandalous near-canonization funeral of Ted Kennedy in Boston last month. He also attended the graveside service where Cardinal McCarrick read the pro-forma Vatican letter, implying the pope's approval of the man and his scandalous life.

Fr. Creedon is a leader in the recently formed Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Involvement (VOICE), an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) lobbying for more government funding for just about everything.

Fr. Creedon could be the poster boy for what's wrong in the American Church today. It isn't the priest in his role as alter christus that matters, but his important job of political organizer working for liberation. He doesn't organize his parish with Eucharistic processions and holy hours, urging parishioners to perform the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. He holds mass meetings to organize lobby groups to pressure the government to do "charity."

The fact that Fr. Creedon treats the vulnerable and weakest members of society with indifference, almost contempt, is not surprising. The babies appear to be invisible, to him. Abortion is just one of those "neuraligic questions" that "can cause a lot of polarization" as he puts it. I wonder if Jesus would agree. Somehow I doubt it in view of his statement that, "Whatever you do to the least ones, you do to me."

See below the transcript of Father's final comments. Would you want to be part of his "consensus" and join his lobby group seeking "equality and justice for all Americans".... except the smallest and most vulnerable? Fr. Creedon's message reminds me of the community organizers of the French Revolution whose motto was "liberty, equality, fraternity." It didn't apply to everyone, of course, as the guillotine's voracious appetite illustrated.

While Fr. Creedon spouts the nonsense below, millions of babies, victims of the "neuralgic question" of abortion continue to die, making his lip service to "equality and justice" so much liberal blather.

"I think we'll get a consensus if we go toward the idea of equality and justice which are ideals for all Americans and ideals that all the faith communities can propose rather than dealing with the narrow end of life or, for that matter, begining of life questions."

A victim of Father's "narrow beginning of life question:"

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I love you very much. I beg you to spare the lives of the unborn babies I have spiritually adopted who are in danger of abortion. Amen. - Prayer of Archbishop Fulton Sheen


Anonymous said...

Talk about a rotten apple! Another one is Fr. Grinnell at St. Anthony's in Falls Church. And the worst part is that other priests and the bishop know about these two and nothing gets done about it.

Ray Schneider said...

The whole hierarchy is full of rotten hypocrites I think. The situation is not one whit better than it was when all the bishops were the sons of nobles who had bought their sons sinecures where they could obtain an income on the backs of the people and pay no attention to their spiritual duties.

Just a bunch of bums. Gives you a deeper understanding of the conditions that led to the Reformation. It also underlines why the very continued existence of the church is a miracle.

Anonymous said...

And those "narrow end of life questions," they really get in the way of progress don't they father? Cold Godless blather.

Mr Flapatap said...

Sorry if this qualifies as paleocommenting but when I saw the item on Fr. Gerry I had to write something.

When I worked in Clarendon I started attending daily Mass at St. Charles Borromeo. There was (maybe still is) a young priest who seemed very good but I was unnerved at the attendees (not sure I can call them "faithful") raising their voices during multiple prayers to replace "Him" or "His" with "GOD". Whenever Fr. Creedon said Mass he was a piety vacuum and made it difficult. Something about his comments and saying Mass with both arms hanging straight down instead of a prayerful position.

Kevin Whiteman said...

This must be thast "fresh breeze" from Vatican II I've been hearing so much about.

Unknown said...

I was standing a few feet away from Fr. Creedon when he answered these questions. He was - and is - one of the 2 most inspiring priests I've ever had the privilege to hear preach. He was always brave enough to say the unpopular thing, such as telling a Mass full of well-off white people to think about the consequences on the other side of the world of those cheap sneakers they buy at WalMart. My children are so upset at his transfer it has changed their feeling about the church - because they know it was due to complainers such as yourselves that such a good man was taken from us. I don't know why you interpret what he has said as supportive of abortion - it must be the tightness of your hearts and minds that squeezes the true meaning out of his compassionate and thoughtful statements. He is a priest who cares for his flock, not a tool of the single issue voter who does nothing but bark approved slogans. You can read a more full depiction of his life at I have no illusion that you will actually post this but I had to say this. A friend stumbled on this page & was horrified at your unhinged meanness. She showed it to a few of us who shared her reaction but no one else is much of a letter writer. I thought you needed to know your actions have hurt many children at St. Charles who looked forward to interacting with him every week. And as for the poster who said he strangely let his arms hang at his sides - or some such irrelevant nonsense - well, I don't know who he saw. Fr. Creedon gives one of the best homilies I've ever seen, and is an excellent orator. If you want shouting and arm-waving, please - go to an evangelical Protestant church where you might feel more at home. My Church is a social justice church. Have you ever read what the Pope has to say about income redistribution? You'd probably think he's a Communist.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...


Surprise! Here's your post!

I'm well aware of Fr. Creedon's ear tickling popularity. He's Irish, after all, and demonstrates an unrivalled level of blarney. And he's a good golfer who enjoys the company of the rich and powerful like the Kennedys.

As for social justice, I've read a number of papal statements and they are a far cry from Fr. Creedon's approach which is always more and more government intervention.

As for his being pro-life, there's little evidence of it. He is an enthusiastic voice for pro-abortion politicians and a proponent of using alinsky-style thuggery to reach socialist goals.

You're right about one thing. The Catholic Church is a "social justice church" and that justice begins with life in the womb. No baby murdered before birth can benefit from other social programs. Any Catholic who doesn't support that "single issue" and votes for pro-abortion liberals is a fake. The right to life is the first right and no others have meaning if that right is denied.

I presume you wouldn't vote for a white supremicist, but I'll bet the farm that you have no problem supporting someone like Obama who voted against medical treatment for babies born alive after abortion. He also supported the gruesome partial birth abortion method where a late-term baby is pulled into the birth canal, stabbed in the neck, and has his brains sucked out. Did you ever hear Fr. Creedon preach on that?

Ah, but as you say that's just one issue among many, and you and your children are safe because you're already born.

Anonymous said...

I thought when Father Creedon left St. Charles, things might improve. I was pleased to learn Fr. Tuck Grinnell was coming to St. Charles. Fr. Tuck has given many excellent homilies at healing masses. Talk about be careful what you wish for! Every mass has been nothing but an unrelenting leftist diatribe! He's more interested in understanding Islam than Christianity. AND EVERY SINGLE HOMILY pushes for illegal immigration.

Anonymous said...

I truly hope that your negative comments do not affect Padre Geraldo Creedon in any way. I am surprise to learn how many Americans are so closed mind and luck of knowledge in many aspect of live.
I personally have known father Creedon for a very long time (since I was 16 years old). I can honestly say that he is one of most kind human being that I had ever interacted with. His passion and willingness to assist the sick, the poor and most vulnerable members of society are endless. I hope the Catholic Church takes these comments serious. I have always considered the catholic faith and values in the States very low. Therefore, it does not surprise me.
Padre Geraldo-We love you and please keep the good preaching across AMERICA. They need more pastors like you to help them to strength their faith in GOD.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Not to worry, AA, with regard to Fr. Creedon's future. Dissenters generally get a pass in this diocese. I'm glad Fr. Creedon has compassion for at least some of the poor. Too bad the least ones aren't among them.

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old story but I can't believe what I'm reading here. As a young Catholic, I'm horrified at the kind of stuff I'm reading here. This man represents all that I see right with the Church: commitment to the liberation of the poor and the oppressed. This man is doing Christ's work on Earth. What the aging, conservative, white section of the Church doesn't realize is that Christ doesn't JUST care about abortion, our Lord cares about those already out of the womb as well.

God Bless and please reconsider your views. The Church needs unity.

Anonymous said...

I suppose all u prolif. HUMBLE SAINTS are out here casting the first stone. You're completely clueless to the suffering of the poor, the unwanted children, i'm sure you're aall running ouut adopting black american babies & taking in foster children. You sound like a bunch of SELF PROTECTIVE xenophobes all worried about "your church" "your country" "your fetuses."

You do whatever you want with any fetuses in your personal uteruus & leave other's uterouses alone. GET OUT OF MY VAG U HATERS!!!

Jesus helped the impoverished, lepers, and you're whining because a few priests care about immigrants &poor. What would jesus say to immigrants?? Go back to your 3rd world country? YOU'RE LUNATICS, NOT CHRISTIANS.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Wow! What an example of Christian charity! You know absolutely nothing about the pro-lifers you atttack. I do know they. They work in crisis pregnancy centers as volunteers to help women. They open up their homes to shelter them. (My husband and I welcomed at least a dozen into our home over the years including two black women.) They take in foster children and work with the terminally ill. But what's your solution? Just kill them all and call the people who work to save them nasty names. I don't usually publish this kind of hate speech, but I think it illustrates exactly the kine of people who populate the "progressive" movement.

People of hope said...

Vitriol. Spite. Hatred. I tolerance. These are NOT Christian values. Nor is war, death penalty or abandoning refugees. GOP plank stances all.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for your comment, Person of hope,

I'm not sure to whom your first sentence refers, but in view of the rest of your comment it sounds like you are accusing the GOP and/or conservatives in general of being filled with "vitriol, spite...", etc. You're right. They aren't Christian values and in today's shrill environment of Trump hatred they are mostly coming from the liberal left -- you know, all the ones hoping for Trump's assassination.

With regard to the death penalty, do you even know where the Church stands? The Church continues to teach that government has a right to exact the death penalty when it is necessary to protect society. And, unlike abortion which executes the innocent, the person convicted of a capital crime has numerous appeals. Wherever one stands on the death penalty, it is incorrect to imply that the Church opposes it in its dogma. Read Thomas Aquinas.

As for "abandoning refugees" give some proof that is happening. Trump's current ban involves the same countries Obama banned in 2011. Did you rise up to oppose him "banning refugees." Where does the Republican platform "abandon refugees?" Have you even read the platform? It explicitly supports LEGAL immigration and defines asylum for those suffering "political, ethnic, or religious persecution." That's what asylum should be, not an open invitation for an invasion.

Your comment reflects the typical liberal slander that repeats the buzz of the hive following the agenda of the overlord beekeepers. It certainly doesn't reflect any evidence of critical thinking or common sense.

I know you're capable of it because I visited your blog. Sounds like you have a nice family.

Anonymous said...

You should delete this thread. He's passed away today, and with differences aside, deserves peace.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Why would I take this down? Fr. Creedon doesn't care two hoots at this point. If he's in heaven he's seeing God. If he's in purgatory, he is being purified and welcomes the humiliation that is part of his purgation, and if he's in hell...well...he's in hell. I will be offering my Mass and rosary for him today. I urge all my readers to pray for the repose of his soul.

anonymous said...

I shouldn't even acknowledge this blog as it is disrespectful.

anonymous said...

You can let your anger subside now OR you can find another dragon to slay. A good, loving, caring, compassionate CHRISTIAN man has gone to heaven. Yes, even if he is Irish!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Anonymous, if you aren't angry about the murder of the unborn through abortion, the murder of the sick and elderly through euthanasia and assisted suicide, the murder of Christians by ISIS, the blasphemy and sacrilege against Christ by scandalous clergy, etc. there is something wrong with your spiritual life. St. Thomas Aquinas says,

"Anger, when it has a cause, is not anger but judgment. For anger, properly speaking, denotes a movement of passion": and when a man is angry with reason, his anger is no longer from passion: wherefore he is said to judge, not to be angry. On another way anger is taken for a movement of the sensitive appetite, which is with passion resulting from a bodily transmutation. This movement is a necessary sequel, in man, to the movement of his will, since the lower appetite necessarily follows the movement of the higher appetite, unless there be an obstacle. Hence the movement of anger in the sensitive appetite cannot be lacking altogether, unless the movement of the will be altogether lacking or weak. Consequently lack of the passion of anger is also a vice, even as the lack of movement in the will directed to punishment by the judgment of reason."

Not to be angry about evil is a vice.

I hope you are praying for Fr. Creedon. I am.

Evelyn Rivera said...

Mary, you are the PERFECT example of the Catholic I do not want to become. What is it with Catholics like you?

This man inspired a young Catholic like myself to reach to the marginalized. Jesus sat down with sinners while the Pharisees looked for the opportunity to test Him. You are no different Mary. Let the man Rest In Peace. If you truly care, then humbly AND quietly offer mass and the rosary for him. There's no need to bring up his current state. He chose the social justice battle, how about you keep fighting the pro-life one and inspire others to do the same? You preach all your good deeds but your lack of humbleness turns me away.