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Monday, September 7, 2009

One More Administration Crook Thrown Under the Bus

Whew...Van Jones is out. The self-avowed commie who calls Republicans a**h***s, who looted during the Rodney King riots while hailing "the great revolutionary moment," who described looting, burning, and attacks on police as "necessary riots" has been thrown under the bus - one more expendable liability.

The episode magnifies once more the administrations complete disdain for the law as they fill administration posts with tax cheats, felons, America haters, extremists who want sterilizing agents in the drinking water, etc. As each of these radicals is exposed, Obama responds with the mafia treatment - under the bus or off the bridge with feet in a bucket of cement.

He campaigned as a moderate, but every day more evidence surfaces confirming Obama's Alinskyite roots: the end justifies the means - winning is everything no matter what or who has to be jettisoned in its pursuit. If Obama's pals get in the way, they're history. He is Saul Alinsky and Machiavelli rolled into one.

Don't expect Obama to fade and quietly disappear in 2012. (It's unclear that the "stupid party" has any challenger at present) and remember that Alinsky's Rules for Radicals call for creating chaos to make people willing to accept revolutionary change. Obama has the chaos part down pretty well what with doubling the debt in his first eight months, taking over the banks and the auto industry, and who knows what else is on his blackberry. (It's Monday, require students to write a letter about the greatness of big "O.")

Read the Constitution, the bill of rights, and other documents of the Founding Fathers. The greatest obstacle to the creation of the Obama-nation is constitutional government, something most politicians on both sides of the aisle abandoned years ago. For a quick review watch this:


Marshall Swing said...

Very good article. Van Jones should have no place in American government as he is an avowed Communist. One has to wonder what Barack Obama was thinking when Van Jones was appointed. I'm sure Obama's excuse will be the same one he used regarding the Rev. Wright and the 20 years he spent listening to him in his church. This is just another planned attack on Christianity coming from the extreme Left of the Democrat Party. I can be reached at

Dolorosa said...

There are alot more Reds in the U.S. government then even Senator Joe McCarthy reported according to the book of the now deceased, German (Commie) Jewish spymaster, Markus Wolf. He also mentioned in his book, "The Man Without A Face" that he "hated" the Senator. So Van Jones is just one of many trying to destroy this country to bring about world government.