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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is Fr. Tuck Grinnell Endorsing Congressman Jim Moran?

On Monday evening St. Anthony's in Falls Church, VA along with other liberal organizations (some with aims directly opposed to Catholic teaching), sposored pro-abortion Catholic Congressman Jim Moran at a forum to discuss "immigration reform." St. Anthony's participation could only happen with the direct support of pastor/community organizer Fr. Tuck Grinnell. Fr. Tuck is a lead organizer in Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement (VOICE), an affiliate of the Alinsky group, Industrial Areas Foundation.

"Immigration reform" is codespeak for amnesty for illegals. Moran not only favors amnesty, but in-state tuition, welfare benefits, and other taxpayer-funded services for the invaders. This is tantamount to someone entering your house uninvited, sitting down at your table, and demanding your dinner and a bed. It isn't just a border problem. About 40% of illegals come through a port of entry and then violate the terms of their admission.

Michael Cutler of the Center for Immigration Studies was a thirty-year veteran of INS, the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. His experience makes him an authority on the impact of illegal immigration on the United States. I recently heard him on a radio talk show bringing up a number of serious problems, some of which I had never considered:

---Economic Impact: Many illegals come for one reason - to make money and send it home. This results in a serious financial drain on the American economy.
---Health Impact: Illegals tend to congregate and, because many men come without their families, prostitution increases. Cutler described how health clinics pop up in cities with large illegal populations to service the prostitutes. (And no doubt provide abortions.) Often they also bring diseases like TB.
---Crime: Gang activity is common among the illegal populations. They prey on everyone. In my own state of Virginia, gang violence has been directly linked to illegals.
---National Security: The 9/11 hijackers were illegal aliens. Our failure to control our borders and monitor those who overstay makes us more vulnerable to terrorist activity.

Do the research. Compassion is fine. We all want to welcome the stranger who comes in legally. But illegals prey on both natural born citizens and those who waited in line to enter legally. It is insane to reward their actions.


Beaneysue said...

In 1974 I was a member of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Arlington as well as the prolife movement in Virginia and in the parish. Father Grinnell was a much loved, fairly newly ordained priest there at that time. I thought then that he, too, was against abortion.

I moved away from Virginia many years ago and have lost touch with the comings and goings of Father Tuck. It is with great sadness that I read of the direction that he has gone over the last 35 years.

Frances O'Connor

Anonymous said...

Fr Tuck is not pro abortion, he is pro life. St Anthony's has an active pro life group and runs Mary's House as a home for pregnant unmarried girls/women so they can have their children. maybe he shouldn't deal with Congresssman Moran but talking with him about an issue doesn't equal Fr Tuck supporting abortion and it's not right to put such a thing out there as if it is true.

Mary Ann said...

Fr. Tuck Grinnell is a liberal who regularly features those who oppose Church teaching on a wide range of issues including abortion. Actions speak louder than words. I have no doubt there are folks in the parish who are pro-life. It would be interesting to compare the support they receive versus his support for VOICE which is an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation which has direct links to all kinds of radical groups.

When it came to sending buses to the immigration march in Washington a parishioner reported about a dozen were paid for by the parish. There is little if any support for the March for Life.

The parish nurse gives out Spanish flyers for hispanic women that advertise the local public health clinic including treatment for abused women to prevent pregnancy, i.e., the morning after pill.

Sorry, Anonymous, but Fr. Tuck's record is pretty clear. He promotes liberalism. That puts him squarely in the camp of those who target the weak, for example through the bogus health care plan which will pour more money into Planned Parenthood's coffers to kill babies. If you want to claim Fr. Tuck is pro-life, provide some evidence. Check out this link for his involvement in big government politics. If he isn't pro-abortion he is a serious enabler.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am not trying to argue with you, but I think the fact that the parish actually owns and operates a house for the purpose of supporting women/girls who promise to live chastely and give birth to their babies and then continues to help those girls/women after the babies are born is solid evidence that the pastor of the parish is pro life. (He's not pastor anymore, he's at St Charles now, but Mary's house was started when he was pastor). Also, St Anthony's always sends buses to the March for Life, not just to the Immigration Rallies. I think the Bishop went to the immigration rally, and he is pro life. Again, I am not saying that Fr. Tuck is doing the right thing by where he lines up politically, just that he is not activly pro abortion. I think he means well and is pro life but he is always trying to get help for the poor people in his parish, and I agree that other ways would be better and more in keeping with what the church teaches. I was just defending him against be actively pro abortion which I don't believe he is. I think the is trying to do good things but going about it in wrong ways. He really is a good priest, he preaches good sermons, he will come out in the middle of the night to the hospital to visit the sick and constantly reminds in almmost every sermon about the need for confession and there were always lines for confession at St Anthony's. He has a lot of good points. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

How disgusting posting false rumors about a man of God who has dedicated his life to Christ and is definitely pro life. Judgmentalism. Rumor-mongering and character assasination. Fr. Grinell is a wonderful priest. By the way, even-though I vote Republican most of the time, I refuse to close my eyes to the fact that during the eight years Bush was President, the U.S. abortion rate went UP, not down.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

What false rumors? Everything here is documented: dissenters speaking at the Grinnell lecture series, the parish nurse giving out flyers to Hispanic women that direct them to the local public health clinic for the morning after pill, the new age "peace poles" in the garden, the support for pro-abortion politicians. Strange behavior for someone "pro-life."