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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Missing in Action: Where is the President?

With crises exploding on the national scene: Two dozen killed by the tsunami in American Samoa as well as scores of others in nearby countries, the war in Afghanistan heating up and Iran rattling nuclear sabres, the economic disaster here at home continuing and unemployment sinking millions of Americans into poverty...where is our president? Flying off to Copenhagen to lobby for the Olympics!

What kind idiocy is that? Does Chicago even want it? The Olympics is notorious for not paying its way. Why would any city operating with a full deck want to have the increased expense during a time of economic crisis?

What kind of leadership is the President showing as our countries "chief?"

Well...President Obama has demonstrated himself to be:

1) Community-organizer-in-chief giving all his old buddies jobs and using Alinsky tactics to divide the country as he pushes for his liberal agenda,

2) Celebrity-in-chief making the rounds of TV talk shows and never missing an opportunity to appear here, there, and everywhere as though he's still campaigning,

3) Gad-about-in-chief with date nights in New York and fun time in cities around the world and the country. How often is he actually in the Oval Office?

4) Divider-in-chief with his attacks on ordinary Americans and his racial statements that fuel animosity and class hatred,

5) Lobbyist-in-chief promoting his agenda personally by calling up reporters, having beer parties in the rose garden, etc.

When, however, is the going to act like our Commander-in-chief? I wonder how many Americans wonder if anyone is actually at the helm? Or is the ship without a captain, not to mention without a rudder? I have never felt so endangered than since this man occupied the White House. I think his agenda is the destruction of the United States as we know it and he's moving it along rapidly.

Pray for our poor country.

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Anonymous said...

The Dear One loves flying around in Air Force One.