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Friday, September 25, 2009

Get Real on the Economy: When China Dumps the Dollar, It's Big Inflation Time

Bernanke Is Wrong! The Economy Is Getting Worse, Not Better, Schiff Says

Pay down your debt and get ready for the belt tightening. God punishes nations where they deserve it. Americans have killed their children for consumerism. God will hit us in the pocketbook because we have made Mammon our God. Look at the shopping malls with their marble columns, bright lights, and shimmering shop windows. They represent our temples to Mammon. How many won't set foot in a church on Sunday, but spend hours at the mall?

God's people should never fear to see the cleansing because it brings a return to what is true and good and leads many back to the the Author of life. Prayer and prudence are the watchword for difficult times. And it doesn't hurt to laugh a little. This video comes from Columbia Business School (CBS) Follies.

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