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Saturday, September 12, 2009

We Brewed a Fine Tea Party in Washington Today

Tea Party time. T.E.A. stands for taxed enough already and hundreds of thousands, if not a million plus, converged on Washington today to send that message loud and clear!

I attended with two friends and what an experience! The crowd was immense! There were NO groups handing out pre-printed identical signs like you see at all the Obama rallies. There were tens of thousands of individual homemade ones on white and colored poster board, project boards, and fiberboard. Entrepreneurs sold T-shirts, caps, flags, and food. There were messages printed on umbrellas and balloons and even a beach ball that was being bounced around in the crowd. We saw Nancy Pelosi with a Pinocchio nose and Barack Obama dressed like a third-world dictator. There were signs that read, "YOU LIE" and others that said "Don't mess with my health care." One little boy had a sign that read, "Please save my piggy bank." People wore stickers like "Abortion is not health care" and "Tea Party: taxed enough already." The message shirts and caps were everywhere: "Go Green: Recycle Congress." "Live Free or Die." It was a red, white, and blue patriots' day.

We saw George Washington several times (sometimes stocky, sometimes slim), Betsy Ross, the grim reaper and a skeleton being pushed in a wheelchair with a sign that said, "My operation is scheduled for next year." The crowd was filled with young and old and in-between: moms pushing strollers, older folks and the handicapped in wheelchairs, and lots and lots of young people - teens to twenty somethings. While it was primarily a white crowd, there were a large number of minorities: blacks, Hispanics, orientals all coming together. One photo posted on the Internet showed a couple with a sign reading, "Russian refugees against socialism." On the way back to the metro we overheard a gentleman commenting on the diversity of the crowd. Yes indeed. And one of the things most noticeable was the cheerful, gracious, and friendly attitude of everyone there. It was certainly a party -- and one that illustrated the unflappable optimism of Americans who believe we, the people can take back our country from liberal socialists.

We made our way (slowly) through the crowd which stretched from the Capitol back to the Washington Monument and filled both sides of the Capitol as well. It was slow going but people were courteous, didn't push or shove. The whole crowd exuded good will and patriotism. It was an exhilarating experience! Everywhere we looked we saw Old Glory flanked by the yellow "Don't tread on me" flag, Virginia's Sic Semper Tyrannis as well as state flags from as far away as Texas. We spoke to a bunch of folks from Cleveland resting on the grass at the Vienna Metro waiting for their bus and saw another group from Tennessee. We talked to a couple from North Carolina and two students from Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio whose economics teacher told them about the march.

We left the Shenandoah Valley at 8:30 a.m. and parked at the Vienna Metro Station at 10:00. The line was so long we didn't get on the train until almost 11:30. There were still hundreds lined up behind us. When we got to D.C. and were walking toward the rally around 12:30, we met early birds already leaving. But after we reached the Capitol, people were still coming for several hours. So who knows how many actually attended the rally? It was immense! What was Metro's ridership? The trains were jammed!

This was absolutely a grassroots effort. Many people we spoke to had never engaged in anything political before. Clearly the Obama threat to transform America into a Marxist nation has roused the sleeping giant.

Are you registered to vote? If not do it on Monday and get out and work for a conservative. Promise yourself NEVER to vote for a liberal no matter what party he calls home. Vote conservative and if you don't know what that means read Russell Kirk.

Above all pray. Only then will God bless America.

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