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Friday, September 11, 2009

ACORN: These Nuts are Involved in the Census?

The latest ACORN scandal involves Baltimore ACORN's tax advisor telling a woman she thought was a hooker and her pimp, actually undercover investigators, how to set up a brothel as a legal business. The adviser doesn't even flinch when the pimp says they are bringing in little girls from El Salvador as young as 14 to "man" the business. How should they handle them? "You can always claim them as dependents," is her advice about the planned abuse. When the pimp says the girls will be turning tricks, she tells them not to report the income because in the state of Maryland it is illegal to work under 16. "If nobody is telling it," she says, "they don't even exist." So much for child sexual abuse.

The two ACORN flunkies have been fired, but does anyone believe this isn't typical of ACORN? Their record is fraud at every level and now add enabling child abuse.

In light of this latest scandal, inquiring minds want to know - What exactly is ACORN's role in the 2010 census? They are listed as a "partner" with the census bureau. Will they be "organizing" their people to take census jobs? Will the census worker who knocks on your door be an ACORN flunky?

"Why does it matter anyway?" you ask. They only have to count. Nope, the census is used politically so its non-partisan integrity is crucial as the Washington Times editorial below points out. "The allocation of seats in Congress, and ultimately questions of who controls it, depend on an accurate count. Much of the money Congress spends is allocated based on the census. Requiring that the census be non-partisan is the first requirement that must be met."

Hold the administration accountable. Obama gave ACORN $800,000 during his campaign to register voters and ACORN fraud was rampant all over the country. Who is calling for ACORN's involvement in the census? The administration tried to put the census under White House control. Do you actually believe Obama has given up attempts to manipulate it? It's time for a serious investigation and not by the foxes guarding the henhouse!

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