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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Civility is Suddenly a Big Issue -- This is a Reality Check.

The Mainstream media is suddenly concerned about the ugliness of the debate in America. Those tea party folks are inserting an uncivil and even dangerous tone into the debate that we've never seen before, they say. Give me a break! Do you folks have short memories? Where were you during the Bush years? Where were you when Sarah Palin's CHILDREN were being attacked by the likes of David Letterman and Bill Maher? After watching the CNN video below which summarizes hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans by ONE stupid protest sign, check out the "civilized" attacks on George Bush. Oh, I forgot, those weren't uncivil attacks; they were true.

Frankly, I'm not a Bush fan. I didn't vote for him in his second term. He is a big government neo-conservative and contributed to a lot of our problems. I vote candidates, not party. Having said that, let's hear the left justify the photos below. And I'm old enough to remember the ad during the Johnson/Goldwater election with the little girl picking daisies when the nuclear explosion takes place and you see the mushroom cloud in the background.

Scare tactics and demonizing your opponent aren't an invention of conservatives. Get real, CNN. I was there in D.C. and I saw very few signs that by any stretch of the imagination could be interpreted as racist. This is just one more example of the mainstream media carrying water for the left.

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