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Thursday, December 16, 2010

ACORN: "a key provider of money and manpower for the Democratic Party"

Obama and the Democrats love ACORN as well they should since the community organizing group is "a key provider of money and manpower for the Democratic Party" according to the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC). In fact, last March, despite Congress banning ACORN funding, Obama ordered it restored after an out-of-control federal judge, Nina Gershon, made permanent her injunction against halting the cash transfer to the corrupt group.

Now federal judges are supposed to rule according to the Constitution which gives the power of the purse to the Congress. Nobody has a right to federal funding and it's up to Congress to pass appropriations that designate where taxpayer dollars go, but, hey! the Constitution never stops liberal judges from making things up as they go along and the Constitution be damned!

ACORN has been keeping its head down since all the scandals broke. And here are some of the reasons why NLPC writes:
Armed with its ‘by-any-means-necessary' philosophy of community power, ACORN activists in recent years have amassed a well-earned reputation for stretching the bounds of ethics and law via methods such as vandalism, property invasion, tax evasion, voter fraud and embezzlement. ACORN activists in Missouri, Nevada, Ohio and other states were prosecuted for generating phony voter registration cards, with any number of individuals pleading guilty. The State of Louisiana filed two tax liens against ACORN and an affiliate totaling more than $330,000, while the IRS hit up ACORN for tax liens amounting to more than $1.5 million. Wade Rathke in June 2008 was forced out of his own organization following revelations that he'd covered for his brother, Dale, when the latter, as ACORN chief financial officer, during 1999-2000 embezzled nearly $950,000. Neither has been prosecuted.
The national spotlight shined on ACORN ever more brightly after Barack Obama became president. Though never formally a member, Obama during his days as a Chicago lawyer in the mid-Nineties represented ACORN in its (successful) attempt to force the State of Illinois to comply with the new federal "motor voter" law that loosened voting registration requirements (and whose passage owed much to ACORN pressure). But with increased visibility came increased scrutiny. Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., supervised the preparation of a detailed report released in July 2009 concluding that ACORN was structured as a racketeering enterprise. Two months later an ad hoc multi-city private sting operation caught local ACORN officials on hidden camera giving advice on how to get around the law. Quickly, the IRS and the Census Bureau canceled planned working relationships with ACORN. And Congress passed a resolution cutting off funds to ACORN. Read the complete article here.
ACORN, meanwhile, declared they were going out of business, while, in reality remaking themselves under different names. Which just goes to prove that community organizers never die, they just reincarnate under new names. After all, who wants all that experience of registering dead people and pressuring banks to make bad loans to go to waste? Surely not liberals who never tell a lie. Just ask them. They'll tell you it all depends on the meaning of the words. And like Humpty Dumpty in Alice's world, they mean just exactly what they say they mean, no more, no less. But don't hold them to it, because the meanings will change in a blink if it suits them.

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