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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Meditation: Order Out of Chaos and the Feast of the Holy Family

We are blessed to have our local kids and their families visiting. Our youngest lives nearby and spends the night at home visiting during the day with her husband and little girl, but two of our children, their spouses, and eight of our nineteen children who live farther afield are in residence for a few days amidst a happy chaos. It is a far cry from our ordinary life of quiet order and I always rejoice in it.

Last night before going to bed, I went into the family room and surveyed the state of absolute disorder. It set me thinking on Richard Dawkins and the theory of evolution, out of chaos comes order. The room definitely brought to mind the primoridal soup with toys, books, wrappings, ribbons, cups, and cookie remnants all mixed together. All it needed to graphically represent the evolutionists' vision was a little spin to set it all moving.

I wondered how long it would take for this mess to evolve into a state of order and decided I would go to bed and hope it happened during the night. Unfortunately, it didn't and, as we left for the early Mass, several little bodies rested amidst the mess watching cartoons while parents slept peacefully. We returned to the remnants of breakfast and everyone bustling to get ready for Mass, hurrying out the door and leaving the youngest behind including one who was throwing up during the night. Chaos still reigned.

What do you think? How long would it take, if I (and the other adults) were very patient waiting for things to evolve into order? I don't think any of us will live that long. I detected the hand of order in my daughter-in-law as she sent one of the kids in to pick up and then checked on his progress. Hmm...was this an evolutionary intervention from an intellignet source of design? She is definitely intelligent and organized.

I think my Christmas household demonstrates how important it is to have an intelligent and benevolent higher power to bring about or restore order. And this thought segues nicely into the Feast of the Holy Family. God established the family as society's basic unit of order in a chaotic world. It is, when it images God's holy design, the bedrock foundation of society. One of the reasons we are sinking into chaos is the abandonment of God's order for a social experiment in chaos...and not a happy chaos, I might add.

If we don't watch out our culture will be little more than a mass of barbarians swimming in the mudhole that evolutionsts' believe we emerged from. While I can't envision Dawkins' world at the beginning, I have no trouble seeing where his chaotic thought is taking us.

And for an interesting article that relates to my Sunday morning meditation go here. The author illustrates the chaos of thought required to uphold evolution when the facts dispute it. As he says, "In the last analysis, evolution can be likened to the description of human history as 'just one damn thing after another'." I disagree with that view of history where one can see what is coming by examining what has passed, and I certainly disgree with his interpretation of a chaotically evolving world. Happily for us, the Designer lives. Now, if only we would conform our vision to His all would be well.

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