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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ACORN: the Shady Bunch that's remaking itself so it can keep sucking up the tax bucks!

ACORN has been busy remaking itself since the exposure of its illegal activities and fraud last year. But you can be sure that liberal groups never disappear, they just go poof! and reincarnate under a different name. Matthew Vadum's been tracking the repackaging of ACORN; here's what he wrote last April:
The radical advocacy group ACORN is playing the biggest April Fool’s joke of all time on the American people.

That’s because the leftist group announced plans to shut down its national operations on April 1 -- of all days in the year.

Multiple sources within ACORN have already confirmed to me that the exercise is a hoax. ACORN intends to keep a low profile and then re-emerge in a year or two under a new name, they say. Read more here.
Hoax indeed. And the Federal Government continues to pour your hard earned tax dollars into this corrupt organization while our financial situation goes from worse to disaster. Here are two easy budget cutting suggestions for the administration: Planned Parenthood and ACORN. Both groups are filled with corruption and illegal activity.

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