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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Most Holy Redeemer: the Gay Agenda Continues

Anyone familiar with this blog knows all about Fr. Steve Meriwether, the gay enabling pastor of Holy Redeemer in the Castro section of San Francisco, who blesses gay pride parade participants riding a Holy Redeemer trolley and wearing gay T-shirt and has allowed the use of the parish hall for transvestite beauty pageants, card parties, and bingo with sex toys and obscene videoes among the prizes, etc. ad nauseum. See here.

Well, the padre can't let Advent alone either. He's arranged a weekly vespers service with a motley crew of worship leaders from other dominations (including the other denomination in the Catholic Church, aka heretics). You don't need to be Catholic to join the vespers' club, but you DO need to be a gay pride advocate. So who are the players? Fr. Meriwether, of course. Episcopal Rev. Jay Emerson Johnson on the staff at the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley. Johnson is enamored by the "intersections of queer theory and Christian traditions."  (Does that mean the Advent candles are phallic symbols for flamers?) Rev. Jeff Bert is a lapsed Catholic, self identified gay man, and an associate pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) of San Francisco. Among MCC's positions is its commitment to "marriage equality" for LGBT folks. The last participant is Ms. Kaya Oakes, a liberal Catholic and gay proponent as well. (Surprise!) All the vespers' players support same-sex marriage and the repeal of Proposition 8.

To read more about Fr. Steve's Vespers Project see here.

Now the question for inquiring Catholics is, "Where in heaven's name is Archbishop Niederauer?" Apparently still tolerating and enabling Fr. Meriwether and his gay agenda. Remember the sacrilege below? Fr. Meriwether continues as a priest in good standing. My friend Fr. Haley, on the other hand, is out in the cold. If this doesn't make you angry, it should!


Anonymous said...

They can desecrate, but they can't win. The Church always wins in time. Jesus will just out-wait them, perhaps. Fear of the Lord would keep me from desecrating the Church, but then, I believe and they, really, don't.
It's like the government oppressing the Church in China. Bishops have to tolerate some things while they focus, hopefully, on the formation of the truly believing. In China, it is the government - in America, it is the other Maoists, the LGBTQAxyzpdq community.

Brantigny said...

Right about second 0.56 the good father hands the pagan a host, after blessing him as though he shouldn't (he really shouldn't) recieve the Eucharist.

Pagans, all Pagans

lelo elise said...

He appreciate gays that's why he give a blessed to it..