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Monday, December 6, 2010

O Come, Divine Messiah -- en Francais

We hear O Come, O Come, Emmanuel all through Advent. But here's a wonderful French Advent hymn that's sung less often, Venez Divin Messie. The refrain ends, "Venez, Venez, Venez." -- Come, Come, Come. The eagerness for the coming of the Lord reverberates loud and clear.

And isn't that your desire this Advent? With all the troubles of our world, don't we need the Lord to "come, come, come, come quickly, hasten your steps?" See the French below with the English translation. I listened to some of the versions on YouTube in English, but thought this was better. You will notice he mixes some of the verses if you try to follow the lyrics en francais.

Profiter de la chanson.

Venez divin Messie,                  Come divine Messiah,

Sauver nos jours infortunés ;      Save our ill-fated days;
Vous êtes notre vie,                   You are our life,
Venez, venez, venez !                 Come, come, come!

Ah! Descendez, hâtez vos pas!  Oh! Come down, hasten your step:
Sauvez les hommes du trépas ;   Save men from death;
Secourez-nous, ne tardez pas!    Help us, don't be late!
Voyez couler nos larmes ;           See our tears run;
Grand Dieu, si vous nous pardonnez,   Great God, if you forgive us,
Nous n'aurons plus d'alarmes:       We will have no more fear:
Venez, venez, venez!


Ah! Désarmez votre courroux :           Oh! Let your wrath abate:
Nous sommes tous à vos genoux,        We are all at your knees,
N'ayant, Seigneur, d'espoir qu'en Vous.  Having, Lord, faith only in You.
Pour nous livrer la guerre,                     To bring us war
Tous les enfers sont déchaînés :             All the hells were released:
Venez sauver la terre,                           Come save the Earth,
Venez, venez, venez !


Que nos soupirs soient entendus!        May our sighs be heard!
Les biens que nous avons perdus          The goods that we have lost
Ne nous seront-ils point rendus ?          Won't they be returned to us?
Seigneur, vos saints oracles                   Lord, your sainted oracles
À tous les siècles étonnés                     To all of the astonished centuries
Promirent ces miracles :                        They promised these miracles
Venez, venez, venez !


Si Vous venez, Roi glorieux,                 If you come, glorious King
Nous Vous verrons, victorieux,            We will see you victorious.
Fermer l'enfer, ouvrir les cieux.             Close hell, open the heavens.
Soyez-nous secourable ;                       Let us be helpful;
Les cieux nous furent destinés ;             The heavens were destined to us;
Venez Sauveur aimable,                        Come, lovable Savior,
Venez, venez, venez !

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Anonymous said...

Raoul Jobin was from Quebec City and would come back every year to sing the Minuit chrétiens.
And his diction is perfect!
Élise B.