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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lame Duck Congress Trying to Pass as Much Pork as Possible

The Democrats are doing everything they can to push through as much pork barrell spending as they can before the new Congress remakes Capitol Hill in January. Between the Dream Act and an omnibus spending bill, both loaded with billions in earmarks, American taxpayers including those yet unborn will be more in debt than ever.
As of this post our national debt is $13 , 938, 196, 259 ,612 and each American Taxpayer owes $126,710 of it. But the debt clock never stops running so this is already out of date and your debt is bigger than ever.
For articles on the growing debt, the earmarks and the pork barrell spending visit Taxpayers Against Earmarks. Remember, that your inaction on this today leaves your children and grandchildren bankrupt and crushed by debt tomorrow.

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