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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Scouts' Motto: Be Prepared!

After reading the pope's statement the other day, recalling Mother Teresa's warning that the fruit of abortion was nuclear war, and reflecting on the general deplorable state of the world, I think prudence dictates considering a worst case scenario. I remember air raid drills in the 1950s and I think the world is a much less stable place today. Then, we primarily had to consider the threat of the Communist Soviet Union. Today, rogue nations with nuclear capabilities are increasing. So how does one prepare for the possibility of a nuclear attack? If there were one, would you just fall down in panic or would you know some basice survival techniques to reduce your risk from radioactive fallout?

Before you label me a nut for bringing this up, remember that Civil Defense training was common fifty years ago with information distributed to the public about how to respond in an emergency. We still hear the emergency warning system practiced on the radio. How many pay any attention to it?

But yes, there are things citizens can do to be prepared in case of an imminent nuclear attack. Most people will survive even if they are near ground zero. Here's a guide. Even if you do nothing but read it, you will be better prepared in the event you ever need the information.

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