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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Homosexuals Hate Christians and this video proves it!

At the end of the video there are links to the original two videos. I watched as much as I could stand and it is proof of the fact that "gays" (and their silly moms - note the ridiculous woman at the beginning of video 1) are permanently stuck in adolescence. Remember the scene in ET when Elliott has an argument with his older brother and calls him "p***s breath"? Well, this video is the equivalent of what little kids do when they are looking for the biggest shockeroo they can think of. Every adult in this video is either an actor with no morals willing to do anything for money or an individual in arrested development who thinks the best way to argue a point is to use obscenity as an explanation point.

The fact that the producers used young children to say the F word and make obscene gestures illustrates why homosexuals should never be allowed to adopt. This was child abuse, pure and simple. The videos also shows violent acts they want to do to Christians. It's hate speech!

Homosexual activists hate Christians for telling them an unpleasant truth they don't want to hear. Homosexual behavior is morally wrong. It's not an "alternative lifestyle," it's a sinful, depraved deathstyle. Don't be afraid to speak the truth in love. These poor deluded folks are slaves to a kind of lust that kills both body and soul. And I think the sad reality is that they hate themselves most of all. Pray for them.


Anonymous said...

This video doesn't prove anything other than the tastelessness of the people involved. I haven't learned anything from this post.

Anonymous said...

It is one of my main goals in life to understand humanity and then use that knowledge to decrease suffering and promote happiness.

The dislike and active denouncing of homosexuality to me feels like it belongs in the "suffering" category. Not only are the people who denounce is carrying around a heavy burden -- stoning stones, really -- for no reason other than a misunderstanding of what it means to be homosexual, but it perpetuates violence and discrimination towards homosexuality. No one wins here.

The Bible isn't a good source to justify putting so much effort into disliking homosexuals (because the mentions are so briefl and so culture-based). Experience itself is an even worse source.

I'd advise you to do some research of the history, physiology and social effects of human sexuality. Real research. Don't just seek stuff out that supports your view. Put some real thought into it, question your beliefs, force yourself to justify them, put yourself in situations where you must prevent good evidence for your feelings. I do this all the time with my own and it's a good exercise. I have the feeling if you truly did this, you'd spend less time ranting about homosexuality.

I wish you luck.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You're either clueless or not paying attention, Anonymous. Did you watch the two original videos linked at the end? It's a lot more than tasteless. It's abusive. If someone in your neighborhood used that kind of language and threats to you, they could be arrested for assault. If they physically did the things they talk about wanting to do to the opposition in video 2, they could be arrested for battery. If they took your kids into a back room and talked to them like that and took their clothes off they could be arrested for child abuse. And I'd say that's exactly what what done to the kids in the video. They were abused.

As for the statistics about suicide and bullying, I want to see backup. It's easy to throw around statistics. The abortion movement made them up to get abortion on demand. I see the same thing happening again with the gay agenda. One suicide is too many, but some suicides are okay -- i.e., women who kill themselves after abortion. Liberals just pretend they don't exist.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

This, the "abornaments" that Jill Stanek exposed, and countless other pieces of evidence only make more plain the intellectual and spiritual vacuity of the proponents of baby-murder and sexual perversion.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I understand humanity all right, Anonymous 2. As a sinner I'm well aware of the pull sin has on the human heart. When a culture adopts sin as its norm, the destruction of the culture is the result. I "rant" against a lot of things that are destroying our families: no fault divorce, abortion, contraception, and, yes, homosexual activity and same-sex marriage.

And I don't "dislike" homosexuals. On the contrary, those of us who condemn what they do show true love for them because their actions are deadly both physically and spiritually. I "admonish the sinner" (beginning with myself) as a spiritual work of mercy.

Do some research yourself on the abuse by homosexuals of adolescent boys. How come when priests do it everybody is up in arms, but totally ignore homosexual abuse in other circumstances? There is nothing normal about same sex attraction. Follow your own advice and "Don't just seek stuff out that supports your view."

I don't need to reinvent the wheel. Homosexual depravity is as old as human history. It's part of the reason ancient Greece and Rome fell. We're going the same way.

Old Bob said...

Thanks, Mary Ann!

Dolorosa said...

It's tragic that people who support homosexuality turn to obscenity and violence. God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah and certainly our nation is next. They are teaching children hatred of God and His laws and that is why if they don't repent there is an eternal Hell. Many of these people look like they are possessed by demons and may need an exorcism!