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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Anti-Bully NJ Senator Bullies Woman Into Silence About Her Coerced Abortion

A New Jersey state senator who introduced anti-bully legislation bullied a woman testifying against a bill to give Planned Parenthood state funds. He called her personal story of being coerced into an abortion she didn't want "irrelevant." Darlene Dunn says, "I Was Pushed, Silenced and Coerced Before Abortion ... Now I Am Being Pushed, Silenced and Coerced Into Shutting Up Again."

Frightened young girls go to Planned Parenthood believing they will receive counseling and options. Instead they are bullied and convinced that abortion is their only option. In many cases Planned Parenthood aids and abets a statutory rapist to cover up his crime.

Read Darlene's story here. And learn more about coerced abortion here. The folks who call abortion a "choice" generally want to deprive women of any other choice but abortion. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling! Watch the video below and ask why Planned Parenthood is receiving millions in state and federal funds to continue their illegal activity, "the largest criminal conspiracy in history."

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Cecilia said...

"The folks who call abortion a "choice" generally want to deprive women of any other choice but abortion. The hypocracy is mind boggling!"

How true! They want to close down Crisis Pregnancy Centers and make adoption illegal. I even heard a rumor they wanted to make a law that said you could go to jail if a pregnant girl comes to you and you suggest any solution other than abortion. They wanted a law that said pastors and others must push abortion on such girls or go to jail. Of course such a law couldn't pass, because it's unconstitutional. It violates free speech rights. But the abortion industry would make it law if they could.
But yes, they want to eliminate all other choices, and silence all voices that talk of other options in a positive way. Very hypocritical of them to talk of choice in light of how they want to stop the choice to choose life.