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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

George Soros Thinks He's God!

George Soros is creepy and the more I find out about the man, the creepier he seems. There's no doubt in my mind that he is an anti-Christ of which the Book of Revelation tells us there will be many. This man who considers himself the "conscience of the world" favors the annhilation of most of the world's people. And he belongs to a club of others just like him -- the elite billionaires club that is behind Obama's health care plan. (Remember the death panels? Hurry up and die, you useless eaters!) The London Times reported about the club in 2009. They try to fly below the radar to keep from being seen as an alternative world government calling the shots. But they are, in fact, a "shadow party" influencing governments all over the world. There's a more extensive article about them in the New American.

This group is using global warming and the environment to scare people into believing the world is overpopulated and unsustainable. Ted Turner (himself a father of five) recently called for the world to adopt a one-child policy like China's. That the Chinese program is a draconian horror of forced abortion and sterilization apparently doesn't bother him or he's completely clueless. Like Soros, Ted plays God. The men (and women, Oprah's part of the group) of the billionaires club see themselves as "the good," humanitarians who will make decisions for us, even decisions over life and death.  They, of course, will be on the "essential" list. But, in fact, they're dreaming! The devil  uses his fools and then destroys them. You can read all about it in Dr. Faustus. He sold his soul to the devil, which is not surprising. As Jesus said, you cannot serve two masters, God and money. A lot of the super rich, however, are committed to trying.

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