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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Apocalypse Now? The Pope's Warning

Fulton Sheen often warned that the clock of the world was approaching midnight, the hour of destruction. Pope John Paul II warned that the 21st century would be a new springtime of evangelization or it would not be at all. And now the pope warns us that we cannot continue on the path of moral relativism and "self-asserting subjectivity" without paying the ultimate price. To read the pope's Advent address in total go here. Today, the Feast of the Holy Innocents calls us to a somber reflection on our culture of death that destroys so many millions of the most innocent every year. It can only end, as Mother Teresa said, in nuclear war. Pray for our poor world. On the cusp of a new year, we must turn back to God and repent;or face the consequences.


Ray Schneider said...

Three dangerous streams are converging: 1) economic meltdown of the nations of the world, 2) a descent into moral decadence, and 3) extremists seeking and likely achieving both nuclear weapons and their associated delivery systems.

It is likely only an intervention of the divine that can preserve us from a total disaster in the not too distant future.

Old Bob said...

This is very strong stuff, and the Holy Father is right on target! If people who call themselves Catholics would heed this wise shepherd, maybe the collapse of Western civilization can be arrested or reversed. Maybe.

Side note: my dad (by 1965 no longer a practicing Catholic) was even then comparing America of the time to Ancient Rome. "Bread and Circuses!" he would say; but few even of his children believed him. This is why I say about myself that I'm a reactionary old crab, and during the 60s on campus I was a reactionary young crab.

THANK YOU, Holy Father, Michael Voris, and Mary Anne!