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Friday, December 31, 2010

Knee Slapping Message from Bishop Kevin Boland: He's Beating the bushes for Fallen Away Catholics

I had to laugh and shake my head when I saw the video below, a message from the Bishop of Savannah, Kevin Boland, to Catholics who left the faith. He urges them to "come home. "Please take the occasion to attend a Mass in your neighborhood," he says with a straight face.

When I heard that I had to shake my computer. Did he say what I thought he said? Isn't this the same bishop who has legally enjoined an ardent practicing Catholic, homeschooling dad, Robert Kumpel, from attending his neighborhood parish...FOR YEARS?

Sure is!

If you want to read about Bishop Boland's vindictive crusade against Robert go here and here. And for an unrelated article about Bishop Boland which may help explain why he would persecute an orthodox Catholic, go here

Mark Russell, a political satirist, once said that the essence of satire is poking fun at inconsistencies. He jokes that when he was young he dodged the draft by joining the Marine Corps. Well, you get the idea. I think Bishop Boland should audition for comedy central. He's got the inconsistency part down pat. 

Unfortunately, Robert and his family aren't laughing. He and his wife and children rarely go to Mass together because she plays the flute in the choir and he often takes the kids and drives nearly an hour to the next closest parish. Daily Mass, once a common practice, is a thing of the past.

As for Bishop Boland, he's out beating the bushes for fallen away Catholics while beating the heck out of a faithful Catholic dad who never left. If that isn't fodder for satire, I don't know what is. I wonder....if Robert  responded to the Bishop's abuse by leaving the Church, would the shepherd welcome him back with open arms? Somehow I can only picture him using that shepherd's crook to beat off a lamb he finds annoying.

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Gabriel Austin said...

Bishop Boland is a useful example of all that is wrong with the USCCB and the bishops in the U.S.