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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Make No Mistake, Republican Betrayal Gave Us Open Gays in the Military: Boot Scott Brown in 2013

The success of the gay agenda in homosexualizing the military falls squarely in the lap of Judas Republicans who voted for cloture. The vote was 63-60 Saturday morning with SIX Republicans, including the great Massachusetts hope Scott Brown, voting to end the discussion and let the vote take place! (Now you know why I was less than enthusiastic about supporting Scott Brown.)

The six Judases were Scott Brown, Susan Collins, Mark Kirk, Lisa Murkowski, Olympia Snowe, and George Voinovich. Had they supported the platform position the cloture vote would have failed. Sometimes the procedural vote is what matters most. Once they cleared the way for a full Senate vote, it was a foregone conclusion even if all the Republicans voted against it. In fact, sometimes that's the game. Vote wrong when it counts and right when it doesn't. It gives you a claim that you voted the "right" way to fool the folks back home. Although in this case, the six Judases held fast and were joined by two others in the final vote.

I wonder if Obama will give the famous bill-signing pens to the six Republicans who betrayed us. Scott Brown certainly earned one. And voters should make sure they remember that in 2013 by putting up a real Republican and getting this guy out before he entrenches. "Boot Brown!" has a nice ring to it.

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ONEWORLD said...

Were you in the military? I was. We take group showers, run around naked, and generally act with no concern as to who is watching us. We are all women right? Now, add into that mix a man. What is he thinking as we all shower together, surrounded by fifty wet naked female bodies? What is he looking at when I bend over in front of him to pull on my panties? Why does my choice to serve my country make me have to expose my self to him in this intimate way?

The above scenerio is what is wrong with allowing homosexuals to serve in the military.

I am not homophobic. It is not my place to judge what another human being does. God does that quite well without my help. My opposition to this law has nothing to do with the sexual choices of a small group of citizens and everything to do with respecting the youth who choose to enter the employ of the government in military service. What I am is a veteran with a REAL understanding of the situations that are presented with communal living that is part and parcel of military life. I would not have wanted to have been forced to expose my genitals to a man on a daily basis yet allowing homosexuals to serve in the military is, in effect, assuring that will happen.

You see, boys and girls, homosexuals are sexually attracted to people of the same gender so it follows that the military should not place them in intimate situations with same sex individuals. That would be like putting men and women together in boot camp, in communal showers, sleeping next to each other, every minute of every day. Would you want that? Would you want your daughter or son to be exposed in such a sexual way by our government? The heterosexuals become unwitting victims of sexual voyeurism and it is condoned by the law. Whose civil rights are being tromped on...really!

I do not understand how such a small percentage of the population can dictate such ridiculous terms to the United States Government.