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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sodomizing the Military: What Next?

Well Congress did it. They decided that the military should be the venue for another social experiment. They say it won't hurt unit cohesiveness and that gays can now stand up tall and proud and be "who they are." Hey, we already know who they are. They are people with a disordered attraction. There are lots of disordered attractions out there, but most people don't demand that the culture applaud them. Is there an out and proud movement for bullimics? Not that I've heard. How about alcoholics? No, there are 12-step programs to help them get over their addictions.

What about other disordered lusts? Is there a movement for necrophiliacs? (For the unitiated, those are folks who like doing it with dead bodies.) Then there are those who prefer their sex across species? Let's hear it for out and proud animal lovers! It gives new meaning, don't you know, to the Captain and Tennille's song, Muskrat Love.


Old Bob said...

Hi, Mary Ann, there's a furious discussion going on right now about women being raped in the military. In case you're interested (I see it as somewhat relevant), go to

Anonymous said...

Satan truly is the prince of this world. "We have discovered the enemy, and it is us."

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for the link, Bob. Women in the military was a bad idea from the beginning. They don't mention in the article that there is a growing problem with male rape as well. Does anyone think letting "gays" serve openly will help solve the problem?

I'm reposting some blog entries from the past that relate to this. Our country is in deep denial over the negative consequences of our lunacy. It will become obvious sooner or later, because God will not be mocked.

ONEWORLD said...

Homosexual military from a vet's standpoint