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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Enemy Within: Catholic Colleges, the Jesuits, and Fr. Joe Palacios

Jesus had his Judas and as the Church has grown so has the cadre of pharisees and Judases in her ranks. The fact that the Church has managed to survive all these wolves in sheeps' clothing is proof postive that the Holy Spirit is her life's breath. But she is certainly the battered bride of Christ. And the abusers love to seduce and molest the youngest members of the flock. That's why they are so busy on Catholic college campuses.

See here and do everything you can to discourage parents from spending one red cent at unfaithful colleges or universities that will take their money and seduce their children away from the faith. They will not even leave young people the integrity of ethical pagans. These institutions are only fit to turn out barbarians.


Old Bob said...

Woo hoo, has that guy got sheep's clothing! He comes across as so sincere, so convincing, and so sympathetic, that it actually would be hard to walk up to him and say, "Father El Lobo, you're full of Manuro del Toro."

Anonymous said...

I contribute to Christendom College, Thomas Aquinas College, and Wyoming Catholic College.