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Saturday, June 22, 2013

People Can Change; Can Gay People?

Exodus International is closing up shop saying, "Sorry, guys, we goofed. We know you gay guys can't change after all. Our mistake!"

Well, deep-seated disorders are certainly difficult to change. Ask anybody who is tempted to any disordered behavior. Does an alcoholic ever lose the desire to drink? Does an ex-addict never desire one more fix?

But, if you believe the testimony of men who claim to have changed...well, it is not impossible although the temptations may never disappear completely. After all, moral living happens one decision at a time, one overcome temptation at a time.

Check out the witness of men who say they left the gay lifestyle behind. The founder of Exodus International, Alan Medinger, who died in 2010 was one of them. I wonder what he thinks of the organization he founded caving in to the politically correct mantra that same-sex attracted people can never change.


  1. This reflects the fact that Exodus is/was a Protestant ministry, which does not tend to understand Theology of the Body and the real reasons why homosexuality is a sin.

  2. I agree, but it's sad to see them retreating from the field of battle.

  3. People can change if they have a strong will and are determined to follow up on their goal.

    First they have to acknowledge the problem, know the cure, focus on it, and keep on going persistently until they reach the solution.

    The problem is, people do not admit that there is a problem in the first place, that it's "cool" to be such and such or to do such and such behavior, and they will find a lot of excuses including "it's genetic."

    And sadly, the Church will believe many of them, She will include it in the Catechism and will ask Her followers to accept the devious behaviors in the person of such human being!

    Love doesn't mean picking and chosing.

    Love means being CONSISTENT with the teachings of Jesus.

    That's why excommunication is for.

    Loving one's neighbor means admonishing, correcting and eventually rejecting or welcoming back!

    Maybe the Church should read the Acts, or the entire Bible for that matter!

    Bottom line: God does not and NEVER create imperfection.

    Any imperfection is a CHOICE!