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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Vortex: A Clear Explanation of What's Wrong with the BSA "Gay" Policy

Michael Voris is totally on target again! There is no way the BSA can be "neutral" on the gay question now that they have welcomed openly gay scouts into the fold. By so doing they have made it clear that those with same-sex attraction are no different than those whose attractions are ordered by the natural law. That is a lie and all the young men will be learning it either directly if the issue comes up during a meeting or indirectly. If any scout dares to say that gay activity is wrong, he will be seen as bullying.

Silence can be a sin of omission. Children will be learning that, in the face of evil, silence is good and "tolerance" is better. But "tolerance" is not a Christian virtue. More often, it leads to tolerance of evil. Look at our "tolerance" of abortion. How many millions of babies have died under that wicked banner! Send tolerance back to hell where it came from.

The real Christian virtue is hospitality which requires us to be kind, even to our enemies. In fact, the word hospitality has a connotation of a relationship with an enemy. Hospitality and hostile have the same root. Interesting isn't it? Chesterton gets into that very issue in The Ball and the Cross and a popular Chestertonian aphorism is "Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions." The next time someone calls you "intolerant" tell him he's absolutely right and then quote Chesterton to him. Some things are worth fighting over.


  1. I find it amazing that you, as someone who professes to be a Catholic woman, has no charity for someone who is born with the affliction of same-sex attraction. It is possible to be homosexual and chaste. The BSA should admit these children and then instill values to keep them chaste, as all CHILDREN should be chaste because sex is not for children. What would be better for a young, homosexual child: a solid background that includes scouting and hopefully growing the backbone to resist the immoral sexual culture or casting such children out to fall into the arms of those who would exploit them? I can only pray for you as I do for those children who know they are different and yet find no one who will help them.

  2. Mary,
    I'm not sure what your definition of charity is. It appears from this comment that it means affirming wrong-headed beliefs. Can a 7-year-old really know he is "gay?" That's nonsense. Can you present some evidence that children are "born with the affliction of same-sex attraction?" There is none. Identical twin studies, where one twin is homosexual and the other not, strongly indicate it is NOT genetic. If it were, there would be 100% concordance, but it is much less.

    I agree that children who self identify as "gay" are probably "different" and therefore vulnerable. Explaining their difference as being "gay" is no more true than that their brains are green. I have dozens of nieces and nephews and grand nieces and nephews. (My husband an I both come from large families.) I also have 21 grandchildren. Among this large pool, I think a few of them could also be vulnerable, not because they are "born that way", but because they are people-pleasers, innocent, socially different, and easily influenced.

    Unfortunately, the BSA which could, as you suggest, provide a good solid background no longer does because they have joined in the effort to normalize homosexuality and contribute to the myth that "gays" are "born that way," that it is normal and natural. That puts all the boys in the at-risk situation of accepting what is disoriented as normal. If you read After the Ball, you will see that normalizing homosexual behavior was one of goals of the homosexual authors, Kirk and Madsen, for getting society to accept homosexuality and the homosexual lifestyle. They have been very effective.

    I believe promoting untruth is uncharitable which is why I will not jump on the homosexual bandwagon. It's the same reason I would never jump on the cohabitation and pre-marital sex are okay bandwagon. Speaking the truth in love has never been easy. But saving kids from self-destruction and orienting them toward heaven is worth it.

  3. Mary Ann, I would have to disagree with you. I don't think allowing a child who is gay into the boyscouts is anbad thing. If a child identifies as gay don't you think joining a group like the boyscouts would be good for them? If a child identifies as being gay at such a young age they most likely will not admit it. The BSA is merely giving them an outlet that will help them feel normal and accepted in a world of homophobes like you.
    You also seem to suggest that the reason for same sex attraction is because of the influence of others. I think that is so far from the truth.
    I am gay and I went to a private school from kindergarten through eighth grade at a school that you taught at. So are you suggesting that my teachers like you influenced my same sex attraction? You knew the students there and back in the late 80s and 90s homosexuality was not as spoken about as it is today. When I was in your class and as early as 1st grade I knew that I was attracted to people of the same sex. It was not a case of boys like boys and girls like girls as you suggested in another post. It was attraction. I didn't identify as gay when I was that young because I didn't even understand my attraction and I didn't want to feel weird and not accepted. So should I not have been in the scouts because I felt and was this way? The scouts taught me skills and values and made me feel accepted. And you know at this time homosexuality was not talked about. The scouts, groups or some magic pill is not going to change of influence someone that is born gay just like it won't for someone who is not.
    So I guess you are telling me is that I was influenced by teachers and students at St. Louis? You are so wrong. Gay people are born that way and maybe you won't understand until someone in your family comes out that way. And is one of your family members did identify as gay they would probably be too afraid to admit it because they know your viewpoints and would be afraid to loose your love. Wouldnt you want them to be happy and loved nd not live a life of depression because they are not accepted for something they have no control over? Something that they were born with? I agree with Mary and I pray for you and people like you who preach to be good catholic woman that are discrimitive, judgmental and narrow minded. The bible says a lot of stuff that you would never take into consideration such as stoning your children but the only thing you focus on is homosexuality. Times change and everyone interprets the bible differently.

  4. Your comment started out well -- courteous -- and ended up in name-calling. We do disagree. Like I said to Mary, please provide some evidence that you were "born that way." There is none unless people stating it over and over and over and over is evidence to you. That you are same-sex attracted I take at your word. That because of it (whatever the origin) entitles you to act on it is no more true than a kleptomaniac having the right to shoplift. I would tell my children exactly what I say on this blog. "I love you, but what you are doing is self-destructive and separates you from the love of God. Listen to Jesus. He told the woman taken in adultery He did not condemn her, but told her not to sin anymore."

    I hope you will come to see that the only way to true happiness is to live according to God's law that means choosing chastity. An unmarried person who cannot find a suitable marriage partner has no right to fornicate. A same-sex attracted person has no right to sodomy and fellatio. Same sex activity may give a temporary feeling of closeness and pleasure. But it alienates one from God. That is simply the hard truth of what the Church teaches. If you think I'm judgmental, wait until you meet God. He's the one who made the rules.

  5. I guess what I am trying to say is that if people are not born that way then why are there so many people that identify that way around the world and in so many different cultures? Also, same sex attraction is not about sex. Its about love and sharing a life with a best friend. Just as not every hetero relationship is about sex.
    I am sorry that I resorted to name calling. I did enjoy you as one of my teachers.

  6. Apology accepted. I can honestly say that even though I don't know who you are, I love you because I loved all my students and still pray for them. I want what's best for you and that is to be in union with God. No human relationship can satisfy us because we are made for God.

    With regard to your question --
    Homosexual behavior is as old as the human race. Is it really surprising to find it all over the world? The Bible describes it. Ancient Greece and Rome were filled with it. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of it. Is sinful behavior really surprising?

    As for it not being about sex... well... I can believe it's not ONLY about sex...but I've seen video footage from gay pride parades and read the materials developed for gay workshops, etc. and they are ALL ABOUT SEX.

    True love wants the good of the other and the most important good for each of us is to love God and obey His laws so we can be happy with Him in heaven. Mortally sinful behavior kills the life of grace in our souls. Everyone who dies in the state of mortal sin is destined for hell! That is the simple truth. Not my truth, but God's truth. If we do not repent and throw ourselves on His mercy, we will be denied his presence and the presence of all the loved ones in our lives who went to heaven. What a sad thought! It's enough to send me to the confessional frequently.