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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Vortex: A Clear Explanation of What's Wrong with the BSA "Gay" Policy

Michael Voris is totally on target again! There is no way the BSA can be "neutral" on the gay question now that they have welcomed openly gay scouts into the fold. By so doing they have made it clear that those with same-sex attraction are no different than those whose attractions are ordered by the natural law. That is a lie and all the young men will be learning it either directly if the issue comes up during a meeting or indirectly. If any scout dares to say that gay activity is wrong, he will be seen as bullying.

Silence can be a sin of omission. Children will be learning that, in the face of evil, silence is good and "tolerance" is better. But "tolerance" is not a Christian virtue. More often, it leads to tolerance of evil. Look at our "tolerance" of abortion. How many millions of babies have died under that wicked banner! Send tolerance back to hell where it came from.

The real Christian virtue is hospitality which requires us to be kind, even to our enemies. In fact, the word hospitality has a connotation of a relationship with an enemy. Hospitality and hostile have the same root. Interesting isn't it? Chesterton gets into that very issue in The Ball and the Cross and a popular Chestertonian aphorism is "Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions." The next time someone calls you "intolerant" tell him he's absolutely right and then quote Chesterton to him. Some things are worth fighting over.