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Friday, June 7, 2013

Biola University: Hiding the Truth of Abortion

Diana Jiminez is a recently graduated nursing student from nationally ranked Biola University in Southern California. Shortly before graduation she disobeyed a school rule that forbids showing pictures of aborted babies on campus. (See video below.) It is hard to imagine a truly Christian University banning students from telling the truth about one of the most serious moral issues of our age. The hypocrisy stunning!

Please send an email to the president of Biola University, Dr. Barry Corey, through his assistant, Michele Hughes, at And pray for Diana Jiminez whose career as a nurse is being jeopardized by the draconian order that none of her professors may write her a letter of recommendation. God help us when this is the "Christian" face shown to the world. It is certainly NOT the face of Christ.

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