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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Surprised? Pope Confirms to CLAR that a "Gay Lobby" Exists within Vatican

In a private meeting with religious from the Latin American and Caribbean Confederation of Religious, Pope Francis lamented the "gay lobby" at the Vatican. The statement was quoted in a summary document from the meeting produced by a number of attendees who apologized to the pope that it was made public. Read more here and here. And read the CLAR statement (translated) at Rorate Caeli.

Is anybody surprised by the existence of a gay lobby at the Vatican? How else to explain the negligence associated with the sex abuse crisis. The CDF had to know about much of what happened because groups in the U.S. were reporting it. The only thing stunning about this is the admission, even if it was private. How could the pope not expect it to come out. And was he disappointed when it did?

The first thing necessary to cure a disease is to acknowledge that it exists. Pray for the pope!


  1. I think their are things about the CHURCH that we as faithful Catholics must always remember...First the Church is made up of FLAWED human beings BUT the Holy Catholic Church is DIVINE so it will stand for all time because GOD said so...Second, the smoke of satan HAS entered the Sanctuary of the Holy Catholic Church , BUT remember the gates of hell WILL NOT PREVAIL against her.
    The Holy Catholic Church is THE CHURCH that Jesus Christ instituted , seems SHE is going through some dark days ...especially since Vatican II , dear friends pray for Pope Francis ..may he always hold fast to the complete TRUTH and be BOLD for Christ and HIS CHURCH ...