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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Do Your Kids Belong to the State? They Do Under Common Core!

Better read up on this. Every tyrannical government goes after the kids. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. Both parties have been involved in usurping parents' role as primary educators. You parents, after all, are too dumb to know what to do. So the professionals and the government bureaucrats at the Department of Education will do it for you. Note that CC dumbs down education. According to a math expert involved in developing CC who refused to sign off on the finished product, by 8th grade, children will be about two years behind their peers in other countries in math skills. CC also allows the Department of education to share your children's private and identifiable information (including health information and disciplinary histories) with whomever they deem appropriate -- one more assault on privacy.

Here are some links to get started learning about Common Core and why it's dangerous for your kids. If you want them to be dumbed down government robots just climb on board with Common Core. If you want children who can think for themselves rationally instead of emotionally, fight CC!

Children For Sale: A Mother Speaks Out Against Common Core

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