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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

John Kerry is Soooo Worried about American Lives

John Kerry: 'People may die' because of Edward Snowden

John Kerry's concern for American lives is touching. And Edward Snowden is a monster who has  threatened the country because "terrorists may now know how to protect themselves in some way or another that they didn't know before." (Is he serious? Are terrorists so stupid they didn't expect the government to be listening in on their social networking. Snowden only exposed how broad the government dragnet is, i.e., it's targeting every one of us! I sure wasn't surprised to have my suspicions confirmed! And, as other whistleblowers have said, you don't need to eavesdrop on the entire population to catch terrorists! That, my friends, is all about having the ability to target political enemies including "domestic terrorists" like Catholics and pro-lifers!)

 "But who is the real danger to the American people? I submit that it's Kerry and his liberal cohorts. Their actions mean not that people "may" die, but people "do" die, and in massive numbers. John Kerry and his ilk have enabled the murder of millions of little U.S. citizens who were never allowed to see the light of day. Their murders have had tremendous implications for the country both moral and economic. The demographic winter around the world is no joke and it is directly related to the murder of the world's children. Much of that murder, especially in the third world, can be traced directly back to the U.S. and liberal lawmakers who tie abortion and contraception strings to foreign aid packages. The minute Obama took office in 2009, he ended the ban on foreign aid abortion funding instituted by Bush. He did it quietly and without fanfare. After all, we wouldn't want those ubermenchen in the third world getting the idea that the U.S. wants to exterminate them. If you read the history of the abortion movement, it's clear that it was tied to eugenics and population control from the beginning. Concern for women and all their other slogans are nothing but smoke screens to hide their real motivation which is to elevate the "superior" people (like them) and have a bunch of serfs (like those other people) to serve them. Scratch a pro-abortion person and you will find an elitist, a male chauvinist pig, a selfish hedonist, or a poor frightened and coerced mom being pushed into abortion. There's one other category: those who have embraced the politically correct mantra and have never done any homework to discover how evil abortion is. Pray for them all. There are a lot of dead babies (and wounded mothers) to answer for!


  1. I'm glad you think Edward Snowden is an American Hero we need more voices like yours Even the Republicans have drunk Obama's Kool-Aid on this one

  2. Good one! Thanks!
    (One small amendment: I think it should be "untermenschen" in the third world.)

  3. May I steal this article and publish it on Facebook, please?
    If yes, do you want me to credit you?

  4. Sure Bob, I'd appreciate a link back. Thanks.

  5. The Russians are finally waking up to what abortion did to their people, and they see what homosexual practices have done to us and want no part of it. I won't give one of my grandchildren to fight Russia. No, siree. I will stand alongside them and shout, "Hell, no we won't go," just like the stupid liberals did in the sixties. What goes around comes around. Let the practicing homosexuals and lesbians fight on the front lines,if any of them are left from all the diseases they are going to get from sacrileges Communions as St. Paul told them.