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Friday, June 7, 2013

We Can Expect More Anglicans to Cross the Tiber

Church of England Drops Opposition to Gay Marriage Bill

God writes straight with crooked lines. He allows evil for the good that may come from it. And one thing that's been clear as a bell in the last few years is that the insanity in the Anglican/Episcopal Church is driving orthodox Christians from that denomination straight into the arms of Holy Mother Church. Certainly the latest politically correct decision to drop opposition to "gay marriage" legislation will be another nail in the coffin for the Church of England. The bishops may not be championing the legislation, but, like the bishops who "dropped opposition" to Henry VIII's invalid marriage to Ann Boleyn and his declaration that he was head of the church in England, they have bowed to a political god. And once again they point to the reality that the only true Church founded by Jesus Christ is the one whose doctrine stands firm. Catholic leaders may waver, but the doctrine founded on the rock of Peter is unchanging.

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  1. I think the reverse might also be true. Our Episcopal Church just built a new building to accommodate their growing congregation while our Catholic parish is eliminating 2 of the 4 weekend Masses due to poor attendance. It does seem as though some swapping is going on but I'm not seeing us gaining many numbers.