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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Yesterday was the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary: Love & Honor the Queen of Heaven

Did you talk to her at all yesterday on her feast? Not to worry, speak to her now.

Mary is not only the Mother of our Savior, but our mother as well. If Jesus is our brother, Mary must be our mother. I don't understand non-Catholic Christians dissing Mary. (For Catholics to do it is utterly shameful!) Jesus is the Word. He speaks the commandment, "Honor your father and your mother so you will have a long life on the land." Is it reasonable to think Jesus ignored His own commandment? Would He dishonor His own mother or wish her to be overlooked and forgotten? That thought is incomprehensible!

Catholics honor Mary because she is Christ's mother, and He gave her to us when He told John the apostle, "Son, behold your mother."

She is the ark of the covenant who carried the Word made flesh in her body. If non-Catholic Christians love the Word, isn't it natural to love the vessel that carried that word? Aren't the covers of bibles often made of leather and beautifully embossed in gold even though they aren't the word of scripture, but simply enclose it?

Honoring Mary is the most natural thing in the world. To ignore her or actively dishonor her is an inexcusable neglect that cannot possibly be desired by her Son.

Let us pray today that all Catholics will grow in their love for our mother Mary. And let us pray that our Protestant brothers and sisters will come to see how precious she is in the sight of her Son, and how much He desires her to be honored and respected.

In His humility, Jesus came into the earthly world through a woman. Doesn't it make perfect sense that He calls us to come into the heavenly world through the same narrow gate of His mother, the gate through which He Himself passed? Little children play the game, follow the leader. If we follow our leader, the Good Shepherd, we will seek Him always through His mother.

All for Jesus through Mary! Amen.

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