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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Meditation: Home Alone

It is eerily quiet. Our five little peppers (an assortment of sweet, mild, and hot) are reunited with their mom and dad and just drove away with a honk and a wave. After a bustling and hopping week, it is strange indeed to return to the quiet of  our "ordinary time."

It makes me think of the gospels. Jesus certainly had busy, noisy times surrounded by crowds that pressed in upon Him. He loved all those dear souls seeking His help and especially loved the children. How much He was like a grandparent in that way! But He also looked forward to getting away with his closest friends for a quiet time to teach and pray.

This evening quiet time is on our menu. We are out in the quiet desert (the air conditioner froze up so it is definitely turning to desert) away from the crowds calling for attention. ("Gramma, watch me....Gramma, I'm hungry....What's for dinner?....Paka, will you read us a book?....May we have a snack?....Will you help me (whatever)?... Is it time to swim yet?... May we watch a video?.... Where are the art supplies?....What are we doing today?"....and on and on. Ah, but what a fun time. We always love it when our grandchildren come, but we say good-bye with mixed feelings. A rest for two old folks after all that activity is welcome. But, really, peace and quiet isn't all it's cracked up to be -- especially when the alternative is pure joy!

Our last night before the exodus was a birthday celebration that included sending five colored paper lanterns up into the night sky. I picked them up six weeks ago when we went on a wine outing with our daughter and husband along Lake Erie. Camp Kreitzer was the perfect place for the launch and feeling them rise and watching them catch the breeze and float off above the trees was exhilerating and beautiful. It was the perfect way to finish a wonderful week with five precious girls. Thank you, dear Lord, for the gift of grandchildren and for the beauty of Your world. May we never take one precious minute for granted and may we never forget to say thank you!


  1. Lovely post, but a little peace and quiet does wonders for those well-used batteries!