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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Another Baby Miracle

“My Unborn Baby Saved My Life:” Pregnancy Destroys Mom’s Cancerous Tumor

Thank God for this great outcome. 

Scientific studies are also showing that abortion does not help women who are diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. Aborting their babies does NOT improve their outcomes and is in no way beneficial. Studies are showing that women who have chemo after the first trimester do NOT endanger their babies.So, once again scientific data illustrates that abortion is unnecessary for medical reasons and, in fact, pregnancy has saved a number of women with different conditions including a woman with cervical cancer and another with a uterine tumor who kicked it free. Makes sense. God made the "machine" and running it the way it is supposed to be run will generally provide a good outcome. Throw in prayer and a desire to live according to God's will and you can hardly go wrong. As a cancer survivor, I can personally testify that even the challenges of life can be blessings. 

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