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Monday, December 16, 2013

I Agree with Mike Voris: It's Irrational... believe that it is reasonable that all men will be saved. Evil is a reality. Diabolical evil is on the increase. And, like the banal little clerk Adolf Eichmann, its perpetrators are often clerkish little men and women who resemble demons about as much as a china teacup full of strychnine looks like a murder weapon. Sometimes the devil wears granny glasses and holds a pen to check off the list of those targeted for extermination. Sometimes he wears a lab coat and marks its sleeve to keep a body count like Wild West gunslingers notched their guns to tabulate their kill count. No, hell is filled with damned souls like the ones the three children of Fatima saw falling into the fire like snowflakes. Let us pray for their repentance and salvation, but never fail to recognize exactly how many hardened souls will inevitably turn their backs on the God who loves them. If no one is in any real danger of hell (because God is so nice He would never send anyone there), why in the name of all that's holy should we have any kind of zeal to pray and sacrifice for sinners?