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Monday, December 16, 2013

Vatican Shakeup: Levada and Wuerl Named to Bishops' Board

...Cardinal Burke off.

Hmm....what does it mean?

Cardinal Burke retains his many posts at the Vatican, including head of the highest Vatican court so he definitely hasn't been packed off to Mongolia as some least not yet.

But how should a faithful Catholic take the news that Cardinal Levada and Cardinal Wuerl will be vetting new U.S. bishops? What will that mean for the quality of men selected for the U.S. Church which has improved in recent years? Will it be back to the Bernardin era which saw the rise of the lavender mafia and the "Good-bye, Good Men" style of seminary gatekeepers?

Check out the news here and here. Thomas Peters is optimistic, the Badger Catholic not so much. As for me, I think I'll imitate Mary and ponder all these things in my heart. I think an extra hour of adoration this week is a good response.

Pray for Holy Mother Church.


DisturbedMary said...

I'm not optimistic about Cardinal Wuerl. His Cheshire cat smile reminds me of Cardinal McCarrick. I fear he is a big clerical Democrat.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I personally think Cardinal Wuerl is a disaster. He is a typical Church politician of which there have been too many in the history of the faith.