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Monday, December 16, 2013

Colorado Arapahoe H.S. Shooter Was a Liberal Socialist...

...who supported gun control. But you might have a hard time finding that out from the liberal media. They're busy censoring facts out of the story to cover up the inconvenient truth that this disturbed young man described himself as a communist and defended all the typical liberal positions. Note that what ended the potential mass murder massacre this student obviously planned was a strategy endorsed by the NRA -- armed staff. It was an armed deputy sheriff working as a school resource officer who ran toward the gun shots while identifying himself and yelling for people to take cover that probably precipitated the gunman's suicide and limited loss of life. But don't look for any of this to impact the true believers on the left. The deputy's gun may have saved lives, but they'll never admit it because GUNS ARE EVIL! And where are the calls for an end to leftwing hate speech? Don't hold your breath.


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