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Friday, December 27, 2013

Why Do So Many Cultures Hate Girls?

The 3 Deadliest Words in the World: ‘It’s a Girl’

As a grandmother who has more granddaughters than grandsons I'm appalled at policies in places like China and India where gendercide is regularly practiced against baby girls. And what exactly happens in a culture where so many girls have been murdered that there is a serious shortage of women. A culture where men outnumber woman is more violent for one thing. Women have a civilizing impact on men. A country where marriage and family are the cultural bases is more stable. A country with a serious imbalance because of a shortage of women is more violent. The problem is also leading to human trafficking in brides. This is what abortion has given the world -- not freedom, but slavery, degradation of women, and human trafficking. Pray and work for an end to abortion. It's the evil root of many of the world's problems.

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Siobhan said...

The degradation of women and the demonic walk hand in hand. Why? Because the evil one hates and fears Our Lady.