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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cut the "Fat" Talk: Stop Obsessing over Your Outside...'s the inside that's most important!  It's fine to want to be physically fit and healthy, but the obsessions with the body is just plain silly. Think of Jane Fonda. She's spent her entire life obsessing over her looks. You know what...she's still gotten old and wrinkled. Stand tall and put your obsessing where it belongs...on becoming a saint. It doesn't matter how many pounds you've shed or how many size zero dresses are in your closet. The only thing that matters is knowing, loving, and serving God. And the size of your body has little to do with it!


Mona Symone said...

Don't settle for being a fatty. You should be proud of the body God gave you. Take care of it. There is no piety in being a glutinous slob.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...


Not everybody who's overweight is a "glutinous slob." And not everyone who is "a fatty" doesn't take care of him or herself. I know a distance runner who is overweight. I'm overweight too even though I haven't changed my eating habits since my younger days and am fairly active (square dancing, walking, hiking, and bike riding). And plenty of saints have been fatties. The Pope will be canonizing one of them in April. No one will ever say that Pope John XXIII was an example of the body beautiful.