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Monday, December 9, 2013

Their Blood is on Obama's Hands

How many of our brave men and women have to die thanks to Obama? All of the soldiers in the stories below died because of the irresponsibility of the administration and rules of engagement that threaten their lives. Political correctness has no place in war. Hobbling soldiers with ridiculous restrictions is the same kind of nonsense that killed the soldiers at Ft. Hood in what Obama had the audacity to call "workplace violence." The deaths of these patriot warriors lie at the feet of our venal president who doesn't care one iota for the brave men and women of our military. Remember Benghazi when Obama went to bed for his beauty sleep before a Las Vegas fundraiser while our people died. Read these articles and call for accountability:

"American Warrior Blood is Pooling in the Oval Office"

"My Son Trained Somebody to Murder Him."

Slain Marine Sensed Insider Attack Was Coming

New Rules of Engagement a Death Trap for U.S. Troops

Green on Blue Attacks Part of Taliban Strategy

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