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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snowing in Woodstock, a Handful of Folks at Mass

I'm thankful this morning for four wheel drive. We live in the bottom of a dip with significant hills on either side of us. Last winter our son's van couldn't make it up the hill and their winter visit was extended by a day (which delighted us but made our 14-year-old granddaughter upset because they were going to visit their cousins). The only way we get out after a significant snowfall is with our Yukon's wheels all working. This morning, with about five inches of snow on top of the ice from Sunday's storm, we would be home bound if not for four wheel drive. Thanks be to God.

So, with the hill conquered, we went to morning Mass where a half dozen other intrepid souls gathered for praise and worship. The gospel today was the good  shepherd who leaves the 99 to go in search of the lost sheep who has wandered away. What struck me this morning was Jesus saying:
"It is not the will of your heavenly Father that one of these little ones be lost." (Matt 18:14)
James Webb: The Lost Sheep
Who are these "little ones?" Since he is talking about the lost sheep who's wandered from the fold, I have to think he is talking about every single person in the state of mortal sin. We are all God's "little ones" and when our souls lack God's grace through serious sin we are the "little" lost sheep. Think of it. The man or woman most committed to evil, even one totally dedicated to atrocities, is God's "little one." Hitler, Stalin, and every other genocidal monster are "little ones." Kermit Gosnell, George Tiller, Leroy Karhart, Douglas Karpen and all their fellow abortionists...all "little ones" in God's sight. Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, the Obamas, Kathleen Sebelius, Harry Reid, Terry McAuliffe and every politician committed to killing the innocent...they too are "little ones."

As I reflected on the gospel, I asked the Lord to change my attitude toward these individuals whom the world honors. They are poor, pathetic "little ones" more to be pitied than despised. And so I pray that the Lord will lay on my heart his view of sinners, "poor sinners" as Jacinta of Fatima called them. Our Lady, I'm sure, constantly pleads for them before the throne of God. May we have the same love for poor sinners and pray diligently for their salvation. Not all will be moved by the grace of repentance offered to them, but let their condemnation never be laid at our feet for lack of interceding for them.

Our Lady, refuge of sinners, pray for us.  

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DisturbedMary said...

Ven. Maria of Agreda says in the "Mystical City of God" (Transfixion book) that Our Lady knew of Judas scheming and treachery yet she "redoubled her admonitions and gentle endeavors to withdraw Judas from the precipice...She called him aside to speak to him alone, representing to him amid a flood of tears and with most sweet and persuasive words, what terrible danger threatened him if he should persist in his intentions. She asked him to give up his designs and, if he was offended at his Master, to take vengeance on Her...

And later, when Our Lord on the Cross cries "I thirst", Ven. Maria says this: "He was thirsting to see the captive children of Adam make use of the liberty, which He merited for them and offered to them, and which so many were abusing. He was athirst with the anxious desire that all should correspond with Him in the faith and love due to Him, that they profit by his merits and sufferings, accept his friendship and grace now acquired for them, and that they should not lose the eternal happiness which He was to leave as an inheritance to those that wished to merit and accept it..."

Our Lord and Our Lady were grieving the lost sheep. Thank you for your reminder about attitude.