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Friday, December 6, 2013

A Constitutional Convention Is NOT the Answer

One of the most politically savvy folks in the nation is Phyllis Schlafly. She was the impetus that helped deep-six the misguided and dangerous Equal Rights Amendment. When Phyllis says a Constitutional Convention is dangerous, I believe her.

New Threat of a Constitutional Convention

Do you really think conservatives will control a convention? Don't you think ordinary folks will be frozen out. If we can't win a national election or state governor seats or control a majority of state legislators do we really think we the people can control a Constitutional Convention? It will be a fiasco that destroys the last remaining shreds of our liberties by eliminating the document that protects them. Think about it. We can't even get our political leaders to stand by our constitution now. Why should we expect that they will protect it during a Constitutional Convention -- especially when they have a chance to get all their pet projects written into a new document.

Please take the action at the end of the article above asking your legislators to oppose a Constitutional Convention. There is nothing wrong with our current constitution except the failure of establishment wimps who only care about their own careers to protect it. Please fight the move to adopt an Article V Con-Con.

God help us if this move is successful! The community organizers and liberals backed by Soros-Buffet-Gates money will be hard to stop. NO CON-CON!

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