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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Abortion for Rape: An Unacceptable Exception

Abortion for rape? NO! If you favor that, essentially you believe the child should be executed for the crime of the father. Also, the impact on the mother from abortion is similar to the consequences of rape. Raped women feel dirty, have lowered self esteem, are often depressed and even suicidal. The same thing happens to post-aborted women. So the rape victim who aborts gets a double whammy of bad consequences! In addition to that, when the woman aborts, she does to the baby what the rapist did to her -- uses violence against someone weaker. Abortion is NEVER the answer. Love, support, assistance, the pregnant rape victim get through the crisis. Many women say their children represent the one positive thing from the rape. Watch these women rape victims witness to their experiences. I am unconditionally pro-life and invite you to share this information with those who say, "I'm pro-life except for rape and incest." Don't diminish the value of these beautiful witnesses to life. God called them from the womb and with their mothers' cooperation they became something beautiful for God.

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