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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Abortion Butcher Leroy Carhart: Would You Put Your Life in His Hands?

How many women have to be injured or killed at the hands of Leroy Carhart before medical authorities take action? Imagine it was your mother or daughter who experienced a botched abortion the day after Thanksgiving at his hands. It's time to retire this baby butcher who increasingly butchers mothers as well. See more here.


Al Henneberry said...

Dear God, deliver us from evil.

Mona Symone said...

I'm not sure why I need to imagine it being my relative to realize this is very sad. Medical errors can happen in any practice. This is why its first important not to allow late term abortions, and two to make early terminations available for those who need them. This man needs to be stopped.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

"Terminations?" Why do use a euphemism to describe what is the direct killing of a baby in utero? I hope it's because you are uncomfortable with the reality of killing the baby.

A baby at 8-12 weeks which is the most common time of suction abortions (earlier the baby is so little he may be missed) kills a baby with a well-formed body, a beating heart, and brain activity that can be measured on an electroencephalograph. When a woman is pregnant there are two patients. What makes it acceptable to kill one of them for the convenience of the other? Most abortions, over 99%, are done for non-medical reasons. And many doctors have testified that there are NO medical reasons justifying abortion. When a medical reason is involved, abortion is as great a risk to the mother as well. Delivering the baby early gives both mom and baby a chance.

Abortion is no quick fix. It has devastated the lives of millions of women and taken the lives of millions of children. We protect eagles' eggs and make it a crime to mess with the eggs of the Piping Plover. You may have seen some off limit areas when you visit the beach. Are baby humans really of less value than a baby bird pipping in its shell?